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What you have always wanted to know about awnings ... but were afraid to ask:

How stable is a markilux awning in wind?

markilux had the opportunity to test a number of blinds and awnings in Toyota's formula 1wind tunnel in Cologne, Germany

markilux awnings in a wind tunnel

What different qualities of awning cover material are available?

markilux offers you a wide range of different awning fabrics - not only regarding their patterns and colours, but also with in respect of the different fabric qualities. We have summarized the most important aspects for you here:


What is an awning? What is a blind?

You have heard the term used before and you have certainly come to the right place where blinds and awnings are concerned. But what's actually behind the term "blind" or "awning"? What types of solar protection are available today? And how does a modern blind or awning actual work?

What is an awning?

Using the right solar protection to save energy.

Is it really possible to save on energy costs if you use suitable solar protection? You can find the answer here:

Save energy

Why does markilux sell its awnings exclusively via markilux specialist dealers? 

You would like to buy a markilux awning but are not able to buy it directly from markilux. Why is that? And what are the advantages that our widespread network of specialist dealers offer you?

Why specialist dealers?

Which awning fabric best suits me and my awning?

The colour chosen will have a pronounced effect on the atmosphere underneath the awning and the demands placed on the fabrics in folding-arm awnings are different from those placed on fabrics in a vertical blind or conservatory awning. But what suits me?

Best awning fabric

Cleaning an awning - tips & tricks

There is not a lot that can help where ingrained dirt is concerned. But, what can you do about bird droppings, marks in the fabric, dust and mildew on your awning cover?

Cleaning an awning

How much will the awning I have configured cost?

How is the the price of my markilux awning calculated? And what do I get for my money?

price of my markilux awning

How much shade will my awning give me?

A blind or awning can protect you against sun, wind and rain. But only if it is positioned correctly and suitably fitted. The course the sun will take and the shade the awning will throw across your patio can be seen in our sun compass app. If, for example, low-lying evening sun still reaches your favourite spot in the garden, an awning with shadeplus could be a good choice. And, if the area you want to shade is out in the open and exposed to the searing heat of the sun all day long, a free-standing system - which ideally can be rotated to follow the sun - the markilux planet, for example, might be the right solution.

sun compass

How can I change my awning cover?

Your markilux awning is still in good condition, but the cover no longer appeals to you?The awning cover is completely out of date or it no longer conforms to the colour scheme on your patio?  No problem!

change awning cover

Where can I see markilux awnings "in the flesh" so to speak?

On the markilux website via the awning configurator and the awning cover finder but also in our brochures you can get a realistic impression of what our awnings look like. But, as an awning is a product that has a long service life which will change the appearance of your house, patio or conservatory for a long time, our markilux flagship stores show the complete range of all the products we offer in full size and with all available accessories. In this way you can get an even better impression of the materials used, the quality and the features and really come to understand the products. In addition to that, we have a widespread network of specialist dealers, who also have the most important products on display in their showrooms.

I haven't been able to find an answer to my question.

Our list of FAQs was not able to answer your question?  In that case, please contact us directly: