Cassette shape

Kassettenbild 710

markilux 710 95 × 95 mm, cover guidance by way of stainless steel cables

Cover guidance

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Stainless steel cablescoated with plastic, barely visible, for a discreet appearance.

Vertical blinds for windows offer double protection: on the one hand, they are an ideal privacy screen and give you more protection from prying eyes. On the other, vertical blinds for windows are an easy way of regulating the temperature indoors. Specifically, you benefit from the following features of the markilux 710 / 810:

  • Maximum size: up to 500 x 350 cm (awning width x awning height) – suitable for using at large, wide window fronts

  • Coverage of areas of up to 17.5 m²

  • Thanks to the cable guide, the vertical blind is significantly more discreet in its appearance than vertical blinds with angled guide rails

  • Gravity keeps the cover taut

  • You can also opt for the convenient remote control of your electric vertical blinds

  • Furthermore, you can equip your awning with various sensors, such as rain sensors, sun sensors and wind sensors; these ensure that the awning is automatically extended or retracted, depending on the weather conditions

  • Integration into the smart home system Somfy TaHoma Switch as an optional extra – this enables you to conveniently control your vertical blinds by app from your smartphone or tablet

  • Wind resistance class 2: the awning can stay extended up to wind force 5 (corresponds to a speed of 28-37 km/h)

Don’t make any compromises on your new vertical blinds. The markilux 710 / 810 vertical blinds fulfil your every wish, both technically and visually. Design your dream customised vertical blinds yourself with our markilux online awning configurator.

A vertical blind should not only provide protection from the sun and prying eyes, but also be a perfect visual addition to your home. The markilux 810 and markilux 710 vertical blinds can be covered with different awning fabrics to perfectly match the style of your own home. Choose your preferred colour from more than 250 designs in our awning cover finder. On request, we also produce individual awning fabrics based on RAL colours.

Choose between different types of cover that offer you various advantages, such as air permeability, water resistance, heat reflection and light transmission. You also have the option of ordering individual awning fabrics as samples before making your decision. This way you can take a closer look at the colour, feel and pattern, and find your ideal combination.

In addition to the awning cover, you can also determine the appearance of the cassette with our vertical cassette awnings: the markilux 810 comes in a round cassette (Ø 115 mm), while the markilux 710 has a square cassette (95 x 95 mm). Both products have top-quality stainless steel wires which are encased in plastic.

You decide what features your new markilux awning should have. If you need help configuring your awning, do not hesitate to contact our hotline. Get in touch with us by phone or e-mail.

If you have already decided on a markilux vertical blind, you are also welcome to contact your local expert markilux specialist dealer directly. Alternatively, you can send us an enquiry which we will forward to a markilux specialist dealer near you in your name. The latter will then take care of everything else: they will advise you comprehensively on any questions you may have and prepare an offer with individual prices regarding your new awning. Why not make an appointment for an initial consultation and measurement?