The best 

under the sun. 

Stable and elegant window sun protection 

Sun protection for windows with impressive design, modern technology and first-class quality - that is the markilux 750/850. Thanks to high-quality materials and a wide range of design options, this window awning from markilux is an excellent choice. With this privacy screen and sun protection for windows, the stainless steel rods ensure reliable and safe shading - even in stronger winds (wind restistance class2, wind speed: 5, 28–37 km/h). 

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Cassette shape 

750 Detail Kassette Wandmontage 0004 Breitformat 201810

markilux 750 

95 × 95 mm, stainless steel rods 

850 Detail Kassette Wandmontage 0005 Breitformat 201810

markilux 850 

Ø 115 mm, stainless steel rods 

Options for this 

vertical blind. 

markilux 776 Detail Perspektive2.tif

Perfect cover tension 

Depending on the model, markilux vertical cassette roller blinds are equipped with special gas pistons. This gives the cover perfect tension even in larger units and under greater wind loads. 

876-Imagebild Haus B cam12 von innen Tuch grau-201810

markilux tracfix 

This lateral cover guidance system without a gap between the awning / blind cover and the guide track: guarantees a more attractive overall appearance and better wind stability. 

Cover guidance 

750-Detail Tuchführung grünes Tuch 34 Prozent 201911.tif

Stainless steel rods 

Elegant, a visual highlight giving a stylish appearance. 

Fixture type 

620_Detail Wandmontage_201709

Face fixture 

The frame shape that matches your windows. 

620_Detail Nischenmontage_201709

Reveal fixture 

Discreet and unobtrusive.