Want to create shade?

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Wanting to make the most of your outdoor area? Wanting to protect your interiors from the harsh Australian sun? Simple needs that Markilux offers the solution to.

Outdoor blinds are a necessity in Australia, with our harsh Aussie sun, providing sun protection for your whole family is a high priority. Outdoor blinds will help you make the most of summer. They will help you enjoy summer safely, without the worries of sun damage to your family.

There are a few things to consider when looking at outdoor awnings, you need to always keep in mind that this is a long term purchase. Think of them as something that can become a feature of your outdoor area. You can choose something that is stylish and adds to outdoor ambiance.

Think of a home awning as an investment for your outdoor area, something that is essential during your summer, can help keep the heat in during the colder months, and can save you when it rains. Awnings now cater for everyone, so it makes sense to set it as your feature to ensure you can entertain friends and family all year round.

Look at the space you have available to immediately narrow the field down to what awning is appropriate for you, are you looking at simple outdoor window blinds or a large awning to cover and entertainment area.

Different types of awnings cater to different purposes, whether for patios and balconies, windows and skylights, or pergolas. Awnings come in a variety of styles and are designed to provide shade outdoors while protecting indoor spaces from the sun. Choose an awning that will be a stylish feature of your home and create an outdoor space that you are proud to invite your friends and family over to.

Something else to consider when choosing your awnings is where you live. Your location and the type of weather you live in can influence what awning style is better suited to you. Think about the protective coatings you might need, the sun protection, or even if you want inbuilt heaters or lights if you live somewhere colder.

The weather can be a big factor in which Markilux awning styles you choose to ensure that your awning will last and will be suited against the weather.

  • If you want to use awning in wet weather

  • Do you want to maintain a view whilst using product

  • What’re you trying to protect against: weather, light, glare, heat

  • The size of area

With markilux you can customize your awning so that it is guaranteed to be your perfect shading solution. Awnings are not a one size fits all product so make sure you end up with the right awning for you and your home by talking with Markilux about your outdoor shading needs and looking at our awnings online.

With a collection of more than 30 awning styles that are all customised to your need, you can be assured that Markilux will create the ultimate shade solution for your home. All designed, engineered and fabricated in Germany, Markilux awnings are the strongest on the market and ideal for tough Australian conditions –whether your home is on the coast or highly exposed to the natural environment. With a national network of distributors, Markilux is at the ready to find the best awning solution for your home - take a look through our collection of awnings and get inspired.