Conservatory awnings

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Take the Inside Out with Naturally Beautiful Shading Systems

Unobstructed views into the garden in a protected environment: Conservatories and covered patios offer the best of the indoors and the outdoors. markilux designer awnings protect conservatories and glass canopies from strong sunlight and high temperatures and allow you to enjoy precious moments without limitation. Installed either on top of or below the glass roof they ensure a comfortable climate and reliable protection from glare. The high-grade textile shading systems from markilux are both elegant and robust. They reliably withstand wind and weather and provide an inviting ambience.

Conservatory glass top awnings

Enjoy life in the conservatory even on the hottest of days. Your markilux awning fitted above the glass reflects glaring sunlight; ultraviolet light as well as heat radiation and at the same time immerses your conservatory in natural daylight. The heat remains outside while you can properly enjoy being inside. Whether small or large glass areas, classic or hipped roofs – enjoy comfortable temperatures, spare yourself the cost of having to switch on an AC unit and create your very own dream conservatory.

» Conservatory glass top awnings

Underglass awnings for glass canopies

Spend the day outside in your own garden below a markilux designer awning that promises the best protection from too much sun, and helps create your very own cosy outdoor area. The cover is extended underneath the glass canopy so it is protected from dirt, wind and weather. All markilux underglass awnings impress with their compact enclosed cassettes that blend harmoniously into the glass canopy. A variety of lighting options are available to allow you to perfect the ambience in the evening.

» Underglass awnings for glass canopies

What is markilux tracfix?

One of the many sophisticated features markilux offers: lateral cover guidance with no gap between the awning cover and guide track. For a more beautiful overall appearance and better wind stability.

  • markilux 8800 / 8800 tracfix

    for exterior applications

    Exterior awning for conservatories, glass canopies and large skylights. The ingenious tensioning system and the sturdy design allow areas of up to 36 m² to be shaded by one awning (with tracfix system 30 m²) – up to 5 awnings can be coupled together.

  • markilux 779 tracfix / 879 tracfix

    Underglass awning for glass canopies

    Underglass awning with cleanly designed, quadratic cassette and harmoniously matched, angular guide tracks. The ingenious tensioning system and the sturdy design allow areas of up to 27 m² to be shaded.

  • markilux 770 tracfix / 870 tracfix

    for exterior applications

    Exterior awning for conservatories and glass canopies. One awning can shade an area of up to 16 m².