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A designer awning with many faces – each one more beautiful than the next.

A designer awning with many faces – each one more beautiful than the next. Create your own personal and unique model from a wide range of awning frame colours, decorative elements and available accessories. With its remarkable dimensions and technical values, the markilux 6000 makes a lasting impression. It also cuts a dashing figure as well. Invite Germany’s top model into your home.

markilux Shadeplus The vertical shading in the front profile adds the finishing touch and provides personal protection from the sun and prying eyes. On request the shadeplus can come with a hard-wired or radio-controlled motor.

LED spotlights in the front profile More than a decorative highlight. The markilux 6000 lights up your favourite spot in an elegant, flexible and energy-efficient manner, just the way you want it.

Variable decorative elements Whether you choose the end cap insert in stainless steel mesh, the end cap trim in a chrome finish or all deliberately uniform in the awning colour of your choice – you can design your very own personalised top model by markilux.


max. 700 × 400 cm

Folding arm

Bionic tendon


LED spotlights in the front profile, end cap insert in stainless steel mesh, frame in polished chrome, Shadeplus, valance, coupled unit

Bionic tendon

markilux has developed the bionic tendon from high-tech fibres, and used nature as its inspiration to create optimum power transference to the front profile as well as a friction-free and virtually noiseless folding motion of the arms. The safety and durability of the arms also impressed the experts of the Fraunhofer institute when it achieved more than 50,000 arm flexions in a series of tests.

Successful implementations:

The markilux awning fabric collection

The most beautiful fabric between heaven and earth

Among the more than 250 patterns in thematically coordinated colour families, you are certain to find your very own and most exquisite fabric between heaven and earth. Learn all the technical details about your favourite awning cover, filterable by collection and application.

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