Vertical blinds and awnings

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Daylight makes you happy.

Natural light and the sun’s rays enrich your life in a way that little else can. No artificial light source comes close. But, depending on the sun’s elevation and the season, sometimes we can have too much of a good thing. markilux offers various means to use natural light from outside to influence the atmosphere in a room. Allow yourself to be inspired by our ideas and discover the ways you can create an ambience of wonderfully natural light and maximum living comfort in your own home, protected from the prying eyes of those outside. We are convinced you will be
absolutely delighted with the options available.

Textile shading provides increased living comfort

markilux designer blinds and awnings for windows offer numerous advantages in comparison with standard shading systems. They offer effective protection against the often blinding rays of the sun and prevent the room from heating up so maintaining a pleasant living environment. markilux designer awnings immerse your room in softly adjusted daylight without blocking out the sun entirely. Semi-transparent awning fabrics allow a clear view outside whilst shielding you from prying eyes. Ease of operation or integration into a home automation system is a given at markilux.

Added quality of life

markilux designer blinds ensure effective protection from the sun, glare and create a pleasant indoor climate. The awning fabrics allow softly adjusted daylight inside and, depending on colour and quality, reflect a major part of the UV and heat radiation. On hot days this saves turning on the air-conditioning unit. And when it is cooler outside, the heat stays within your own four walls for longer.

See without being seen

With the textile shading systems from markilux you will always have a clear view outside and are at the same time protected against unwanted glances. Furthermore, you yourself can determine, depending on the choice of blind fabric, how much light shines into the kitchen, living room or bathroom. Choose the window blind that matches you and your home from a wide range of models, fabric colours and patterns. That's a nice outlook, don't you think?

  • markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix

    Vertical Cassette Blinds

    Slender, compact vertical cassette blind with angled guide rails and gravity-fed cover tensioning system – for areas up to 12 m² (markilux 620) or up to 22 m2 (markilux 625 tracfix).

  • markilux 730 / 830

    Drop-arm cassette awning

    The awning with arms that drop out and away from the building – an adornment for any window with value-added functionality

  • markilux 710 / 810

    Vertical cassette blind

    Vertical blind with cable guides and and gravity-fed cover tensioning system – for areas up to 17.5 m².

  • markilux 776 tracfix/ 876 tracfix

    Vertical cassette blind

    The perfect sun protection solution which also maintains your privacy – the tensioned vertical cassette blind that can shade large surface areas.

  • markilux 740 / 840


    The vertical blind with a difference – an ideal combination of vertical blind and drop-arm blind.