Fixture options

Fixture options for folding-arm awnings

Face fixture

Face fixture is the classic way of installing a folding-arm awning to a building. To do so, fixture materials are inserted into the substrate and the awning is firmly screwed to them. Special fixture materials are available in the market for thermal composite systems. Face fixture is available for all our folding-arm awnings.

Top and roof timber (eaves) fixture

If face fixture is not feasible or expedient, the awning can also be fixed to the soffit (top fixture). Special brackets are installed directly onto the soffit for this purpose. An awning can also be attached to the roof timbers if these are strong enough.

Reveal fixture

Reveal fixture is suitable for installation situations where space is limited. Here, the awning is inserted into existing or newly created reveals and thus "merges" with its surroundings when retracted.

It is available for:

Fixture options for awning systems


It makes good sense to use foundations for free-standing awning systems without a wall connection. Along with conventional concrete foundations, we also offer Krinner ground screws specially for the markliux syncra, pergola, pergola compact, construct, markilux markant and our side screen markilux 790.

Stabilisation boxes

If the posts of the awning system cannot be firmly anchored to foundations in the ground, stabilisation boxes can also be used for some models. These anchor the system firmly to the ground. To this end, the metal boxes are filled with ballast which gives ample stability.

Post form

With some of our awning systems, the posts are available in either a round or square version so that the design of the awning perfectly matches its architectural surroundings.

Telescopic posts

To ensure good rain run-off or offer a solution to the changing height of the sun, our two pergola models can also be fitted with telescopic posts which are infinitely adjustable in height.These can either be operated manually using a winch handle or by using a motor.

Wall connection

Some of our free-standing awning systems can be attached to the wall,making the resulting solar and weather protection extremely stable.

Easy-Go lever

The awning-cum-parasol, markilux planet, also comes in a flex version which makes it possible to rotate the entire system through 335°. This makes it possible to adapt the shading system to the ambient conditions.

It is available for:

Fixture options for glass canopy and conservatory awnings

Guide tracks

Both our on-top conservatory awnings and our underglass awnings for glass canopies are systems fitted with guide tracks. A closed tensioning system that uses gas pistons ensures optimum fabric tension.


One of the many sophisticated features offered by markilux: the lateral cover guidance system without a gap between the awning cover and the guide track. Gives an overall better appearance and improves the wind stability.