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markilux city pillows

Experience the products live in our markilux showrooms

Cushions Hamburg

Hamburg close at home. Now you can skillfully integrate accessories for your city into your living concept. Whether skyline, national coat of arms or Hamburg dialect - combine the fresh North German motifs with the articles of our Design Edition markilux neo or set individual accents.

Cushions Cologne

With our textile accessories you bring a bit of "Cologne atmosphere" into your home. Our pillows in three versions can be the icing on the cake in your living concept.

Cushions Berlin

With our textile accessories you bring a little "Berlin air" into your home. Our cushions in four variations can be the icing on the cake in your living concept.

markilux comfort

The markilux collection comfort presents premium cushions and poufs featuring four design alternatives and several sizes. For a perfectly comfortable life outdoors – or indoors.

markilux comfort basic

The markilux comfort basic collection consists of cushions in five diffent sizes and multiple colour combinations: all single-coloured or with contrasting piping. In any case: rugged, low in maintenance and on account of the high quality fibre filling endurable and extremely comfortable.

markilux comfort abstract

The markilux comfort abstract collection for inside area – and that feeling applies to just everyone: The cushions are truly comfortable – in all sizes or as pouf. Applications, abstract patterns, embroideries, different fabric qualities – mixing and matching is pure pleasure.

markilux comfort colour

The markilux comfort colour collection enhances any space: The cushions are available in five diffent sizes or as pouf for the ground – bicoloured, with eyelets loops, with or without embroideries. And just in case a personal favourite is not on display: any cushion can always be custom-made.

markilux comfort architecture

The markilux comfort architecture collection welcomes the world – at home: the embroidered or applicated motifs are featuring architecture. In different fabric qualities and five different formats the cushions set new accents. Three series are available – basic colours: black, white, grey, highlight colours: red, blue or green.

markilux comfort season

The cushions in the markilux comfort season collection are perfect for the cold seasons of the year and Christmas. Winter print motifs and sayings decorate the twelve cushions in different sizes and formats.

The markilux relax seats are comfortable and stylish seating furniture that form an ideal combination of moving and relaxing sitting.

The markilux collection relax presents seats for interior and exterior use. The premium fabrics are low in maintenance and abrasion resistant – and, if made for outdoors, they are especially coated. So that the relax seats always provide perfect comfort – used inside or outside.

Experience the products live in our markilux showrooms

markilux relax neo

Sit, lie and dive into soft pillows. This is possible with the new Design - Edition "neo" by markilux. The relaxing furniture and accessories are very trendy in objectively elegant gray and anthracite with delicate edging in neon yellow and pink.

markilux relax outdoor plus

The markilux relax seat outdoor plus prolongs the quality time outside: it is super comfortable and robust. And it may even stay on patio or balcony – even if it pours with rain. The high quality expanded polypropylene filling and the high bulk density ensure that there won´t be a “sinking in“-effect – but just the perfect sitting comfort. Six harmonious colour combinations are available.