Mehrere markilux markant Markisensysteme am Ilonn Hotel in Poznan, Polen

Our specialist partner “Monolith” installed three 6x6 metre two-field units with corresponding shading provided by the 776 tracfix vertical blind at the “Ilonn Hotel” in Poznan The installation was also equipped with LED-Line, LED-Spots and infrared heaters.

In short:

  • Type: markilux markant, markilux 776 tracfix

  • Premises: Ilonn Hotel

  • Location: Poznan, Poland

markilux markant

Awning frame system

The free-standing awning frame system markilux markant offers sun, rain and weather protection that can be customized to your personal needs. The integrated awning gives the system a textile character and offers a high degree of individual colour options creating a pleasant atmosphere. Security, freedom, aesthetics and comfort in a purist design.

markilux markant

markilux 776/876

Vertical cassette

Sheer privacy. The world remains outside with the vertical awning markilux 776 / 876. The sun has no chance to heat up a room from the outside. The awning is the ideal solar protection for large windows or glass roofings, where, apart from an underglass awning, additional protection from prying eyes and heat is desired. Thanks to a special tensioning module, the awning operation is very quiet and the cover is ideally tensioned. Ideal conditions for retreating to privacy.

markilux 776/876