markilux pergola Markisen im Restaurant [dii:ke] - St. Peter Ording

The restaurant di:Ike is situated in St. Peter-Ording right next to Beach Motel and for surfers and those in the know it is an absolute must.

In a relaxed atmosphere with delectable dishes straight from the wood-fired stone oven, the owners offer their guests a varied cuisine around the clock.

So that in summer as in winter, during the day and in the evening, the relaxing peace of the sea can also be enjoyed from the patio, the guests can shelter beneath large markilux pergola systems.Used as solar protection in the summer and as heat reservoir in the winter, they are also effective as protection against wind and rain in the spring and autumn when the support posts have been lowered.

     In short:

  • Model: markilux pergola

  • Premises: Beach hotel

  • Location: St. Peter-Ording, Schleswig-Holstein

  • markilux specialist dealer: Rollo-Möller GmbH

markilux pergola

Awning framework

It protects large areas from sun, wind and coldness – in both private and commercial domain: markilux pergola 110. Little framework, big benefits – this concept is perfectly translated into the large-scale awning system, resting on slender posts with unobtrusive lateral guide tracks.

markilux pergola