Configuration of complex technology with ease

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Awning App enhanced by new add-on function

Release date: 15.08.2018 - Specialist media text

With the now multi-language 3D App from markilux, it has recently become possible to configure the "markilux pergola“ awning model.

Although it has only just supplemented its App for Apple devices with an Android version, markilux is continuing to forge ahead with new developments.Aside from the classic folding-arm awning, from now on it is possible to configure the technically more complex "markilux pergola" in a virtual environment as well.And, on top of that, the latest update of the App makes it available in a number of languages.

The awning App is a tool for specialist dealers and end consumers that makes it possible to project a realistic, virtual image of a markilux folding-arm awning onto the wall of any house.According to Peer Cornelssen, manager of the International Sales department, some complex programming work was required to to integrate the "markilux pergola" into the configuration settings of the App."The person using it has to find our App as easy as possible to utilize." However, technically speaking, the "markilux pergola" is so complex, that a staggering amount of mathematical calculations have to be taken into consideration. It was quite a challenge for the App developers", Mr Cornelssen, insists.

Configuration of complex technology with ease

But, she said, it is now possible to configure the awning model "markilux pergola" on both Apple and Android devices in a few simple steps."If the surface on which the awning is to stand is recognized by the software on the mobile device, then you only need to determine the position of the brackets and height at which the awning is to be installed", Mr Cornelssen explains.The position of the front support posts and the pitch of the awning will then be calculated automatically as well as the ideal extension of the awning.If the posts need to be closer to the wall, the App allows this to be adjusted quite easily.This is true also of the shape of the posts and of how the awning is to be installed - whether fixed to a concrete footings or fitted with stabilization boxes.And the option of a shadeplus can be activated as well. "In essence, the App has been so programmed that the user is only given the option of the dimensions and accessories that the awning can physically adopt", Mr Cornelssen goes on to say.Specialist dealers and end consumers should be shown a genuine result as soon as possible in the display, one that can alter however they wish within the technically feasible confines of the model.The current update makes the awning App available in English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish as well.2,609 characters


The awning manufacturer, markilux, has enhanced its new awning App with a new feature.In addition to the classic folding-arm awning the "markilux pergola" model can now be configured as well. And the App is now available in a number of languages.