Chic and sturdy

Small Pergola awning provides large areas of shade

Release date: 01.01.2019 - Consumer media text

The markilux "pergola compact" is a graceful awning on two support posts that is suitable for any façade. It is intended for small patios and provides generous shade.  With its clear design and new accentuated lighting it endeavours to make summer even more beautiful.

The markilux "pergola compact" is the right solar protection solution for houses to which it is not possible to fit a classical folding-arm awning. The cover extends on lateral guide tracks that rest calmly on two slim support posts at the front. They provide additional support. With its size, this smart awning is suited mainly for narrow patios that require graceful solar protection. The cover cassette against the wall measures in height and depth only twelve-and-a-half centimetres, yet the small "pergola compact" can shade an area of up to 18 square metres. 

Design and light, a powerful duo

Its very simple, angular design has a timeless appeal. So this awning scores primarily with house based on modern architectural designs. A new lighting option below the cassette accentuates the slim shape of the awning by means of an LED light strip that can be dimmed via remote control. Alternatively, LED spotlights skillfully illuminate façade and cover with soft cones of light.

Filigree and wind resistant at the same time

The cover, kept permanently under tension thanks to sophisticated technology offers here an attractive visible area embellished by a large selection of neutral and fashionable fabric patterns. Although this textile sun roof appears dainty, according to the manufacturer it is highly wind resistant. The closely fitting cover and the two front support posts guarantee this. Square and round versions are available and with the option of being able to lower one support post. This ensures effective water drainage.

A life of comfort thanks to a larger awning

Those who would like to have maximum privacy, can get the "pergola compact" also with the "shadeplus" function - an additional blind that can be lowered at the front. With vertical and side awnings, a closed-in, airy space outdoors can be created. Matching infrared heaters create a cosy atmosphere in the evening or in cooler weather. For ease of operation the new awning is always motorised. Depending on the specification, it can also be controlled by tablet or smart phone. The next sun-drenched summer can arrive. 2,430 characters


The new markilux "pergola compact" is a filigree awning for narrow patios with two support posts. With its angular design and effective accentuated lighting it shows how modern and comfortable even small awnings today can be.