New 3D-augmented reality App simplifies awning purchases

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New 3D-augmented reality App simplifies awning purchases

Release date: 16.01.2018 - Consumer media text  

A house wall cannot simply try on an awning to see whether the design and colour of the fabric looks good …,  well until now it couldn’t!  Recently, an App has been made available to facilitate exactly that.  With the assistance of Augmented Reality, an awning can be projected onto a house allowing you to check which model, colour, fabric etc. you like. 

Augmented Reality is establishing itself in our everyday lives.  It combines real and virtual worlds, and is intended to make life easier for us.  On Smartphones and Tablets, mobile 3D applications already enrich camera images from our surroundings with helpful information.  Service offers and product presentations benefit from this method in particular,  because customers can immerse themselves into a virtual, expanded world, and can easily experience products whilst sitting on their sofas at home.  For example, markilux invites you to investigate its product range of folding-arm awnings and solar protection materials using a 3D App. The app is a tool which makes it possible to configure markilux awnings and which is available on the company’s website. 

3D App is child’s play to use

However, the App takes things yet another step further.  You can now project the awning in virtual form onto the patio wall so that you can consider it from every perspective.  In this way, it is easier to decide which type of awning matches the house best, and whether your preferred fabric colour really is the right one.  For this purpose, you just need to load the app onto your Smartphone or Tablet, and off you go!  Simply fix three points on the wall and “install” the awning in the desired position.  Subsequently, the app offers many features so that you can experiment with different awning models.  The width, depth, colour and accessories can be altered as required.  The awning can be extended and retracted, and several additional functions can also be called up.  With amazing realism, this app uncannily shows what a product will look like on the wall of your house, and is simply great fun when you are looking for an awning to match your home! 

The awning app is available for iPhone and iPad in the Apple® App Store, and will be available from spring 2018 for Android devices in the Google Play Store.  2,179 characters


The awning expert markilux launched its awning configurator App at the beginning of 2018. Using this App, all folding-arm awnings by the manufacturer can now by configured on a mobile device using a Table or Smartphone.  The awnings can be projected onto the fascia of your own house to provide you with a realistic image of how the desired model will look when installed. 



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