A multi-talent for the conservatory

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The awning fabric "perfotex" offers multiple forms of protection

Release date: 21.12.2018- Specialist media text

Conservatories and open glass canopies on the patio are in need of solar protection. Ideally the shading used for this should be fitted above the surface of the glass. This ensures that a large percentage of the UV radiation does not reach the inside in the first place. With the special fabric "perfotex", awning expert markilux offers a solar protection fabric that is well suited for this purpose for numerous reasons according to the manufacturer.

The fabric "perfotex" is one of the range of "specials" in the markilux awning cover collection 2018+ . The fabrics in the "specials" ranges fulfil a number of specific functions such as being waterproof, flame-retardant or transparent and others, like six of the ten fabrics in the "perfotex" range, strongly reflect infrared radiation. This makes this awning material ideally suited as solar protection for markilux conservatory awnings. However, the fabric is also used in large vertical blinds by the manufacturer.

A woven fabric with many talents

The special feature of the awning woven fabric: It seems to be capable of multi tasking. Aluminium particles on both sides of the cover surface in six of the fabrics in the "perfotex" range reduce heat gain according to the manufacturer's specification. "We have coated primarily the outer surface of the material with aluminium particles so as to better reflect heat energy", explains Michael Gerling, Managing Director of Technology and Production at markilux. In addition, "perfotex" is permeable to air and water. "This is achieved by weaving gaps into the warp yarns, narrow openings in the fabric", says Mr Gerling. These deliberately woven-in gaps in the fabric prevent water pockets from forming during rain which would put extra load on the cover. At the same time, the openings ensure good ventilation and comfortable transparency. In addition, the weather-resistant and lightfast awning cover is, according to Mr Gerling, resistant to UV and at the same time offers a high degree of protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The cover has a special coating to make it easily cared for and strongly water-repellent. An additional technical finish to the woven fabric, which is made from "sunsilk" yarns, makes water droplets simply pearl off in rain together with any dirt on the cover. To ensure ideal cover tautness, it runs in a type of zip track, the so-called "tracfix system". According to Michael Gerling this makes it less vulnerable to gusts of wind and therefore reduces noise. With its other four fashionable pinstripe designs, "perfotex" stands for contemporary living and is thus well suited to the requirements of modern architecture. 2,764 characters


Some fabrics in the markilux awning fabric range "perfotex" are particularly suited for solar protection for conservatories thanks to their special technical features. According to the manufacturer, the woven fabric protects against UV radiation, reflects heat and offers airy transparency.