Purist design and smooth running

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Vertical blinds by markilux have received a technical and design upgrade

Release date: 02.02.2018 - Specialist media text  

The vertical blinds markilux 620/625 focus on slimline structures, low construction heights and angular shapes, and also on finely calibrated technology, such as in the weighted front profile for smooth extension and retraction of the awning. The fabric cassette and front profile of these new versions are particularly narrow in construction, rendering them barely noticeable on a façade. In combination with other awnings, this model can also be used as cold protection, privacy screen and rain protection.

The awning manufacturer markilux has re-designed its vertical blinds markilux 620/625 for large window fronts and has simultaneously made technical refinements. As a result, the design of the fabric cassette and the new side caps made from durable, powder-coated die cast aluminium are now square. “This appearance fits better with the cubic style of the cassettes on several of our products and therefore also to a simple, more modern method of construction”, says Michael Gerling, Technical Director at markilux.

Two model variants for a little and a lot of shade

The two model variants and 625 primarily differ in the size of their cassette and fabric area. Therefore, the markilux 625, featuring a maximum of 22 square metres of fabric area, provides ten square metres more shade than the smaller variant. Furthermore, according to Gerling, the larger cassette is more bend-resistant than the 620 model. This is especially decisive in case of larger dimensions to ensure the smooth running and closing characteristics of the awning. Both model variants have slimline fabric cassettes which measure only 11 or 13.5 centimetres in height. The overall height, including the front profile, is maximum 15 centimetres. For large patio fronts, this means a higher and therefore more convenient clearance height.

Combinable with other awnings thanks to the angular design

“We have also adapted the lateral rails to suit the slim and lightweight appearance of the cassette and front profile,” says Gerling, explaining that, thanks to its dimensions, the markilux 625 can also be combined with the awning roof “markant” and the frame system “construct”. He describes the vertical awning as a reliable cold, rain and privacy protection which creates a homely atmosphere. Using “tracfix”, the fabric runs flush in the guide rails and therefore remains stable against wind up to Beaufort six. Semi-elastic inner profiles also ensure a well-stretched awning fabric which is extremely low-noise even in windy conditions. “The awning can be integrated so effectively into every window front due to its minimalistic shape and closed appearance, that you might think it was part of the façade. Therefore, we have entered this awning for the German Design Award 2018”, says Gerling. The fine details are also ideally adapted, such as clip-on profiles which cover the fixing screws in the guide rails.

Fine-tuning of the technology provides the awning with a special finish

Not just the appearance of the product has changed, but also the technology: the front profile has been weighted to ensure smooth running. As a result, the movement and closing of the awning has become especially quiet. Furthermore, the routing of the electrical cable has been optimised for general motor operation with an io-radio motor, RTS or standard motor. Both models can be installed directly using lateral guide rails – without any mounting supports and with a self-supporting cassette. Therefore, Michael Gerling sees the vertical awnings markilux 620/625 as being much more flexibly deployable with this new “look and feel”, and even rounder in its overall impression and smoother technology. 3,652 characters


The new vertical blinds markilux 620/625 feature a particularly slimline look. Thanks to the construction with its new angular design, they fit well to awnings such as the under-glass markilux 779 or the roof awning markilux “markant” as a privacy screen and weather protection. Furthermore, “tracfix” technology in the guide rails ensures well-stretched fabric, and the weighted front profile ensures low-noise, smooth operation.