markilux project
Free-standing awning systems made in Germany

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markilux project
Free-standing awning systems made in Germany

With regard to freedom of design, we first considered a wall.

Escape the indoors in style. Spend quality time in a protected and shaded location. As a leading awning manufacturer, we know exactly what our customers have come to expect from a high-quality solar and wet weather protection system.

For this reason, we have been thinking about how to make our awnings even more flexible, over and above the familiar installation options of using walls or ceilings. Our aim is to provide people with even more options and freedom of design when planning their individual solar and wet weather protection solutions, and in so doing do justice to every conceivable way they might wish to make the most of al fresco living.

Our solution: The markilux project – free-standing awning systems made in Germany.

Anticipating the requirements of tomorrow – today

During the design and development of markilux awning systems, we place particular focus on the functionality, flexibility and the quality of the materials and components used. Get to know the diverse range of possibilities available when creating your own ideal solar and wet weather protection system. Select your own ideal space to relax and unwind, completely in accordance with your own personal wishes and requirements. Look forward to real quality time spent in a cosy atmosphere – outside. The open air season has officially been opened. All year round.

The most beautiful shade in the world. At almost any time. In any size. In any location.

The numerous markilux options set new standards for the stylish provision of shade in al fresco dining areas.


Enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine. Stay outside – yet still protected.


Spend the day outside in the most beautiful shade in the world. Under your own personal awning landscape.


Extend the summer season. Sit in comfort protected from wind and inclement weather. Outside, the most pleasant place to be.


Lighting options and infrared heaters turn night into day and even make your favourite place outdoors attractive in the coldest season of the year.

A good plan. Definitely by markilux.

But an ingenious idea is only as good as its implementation. Therefore, we lend support to our customers right from the initial planning phase of their projects to ensure optimum solar and wet weather protection.

We offer expert advice so that together we can work out the ideal solution for them.

For the most beautiful shade in the world – in any size. Definitely by markilux.

Our team

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markilux project


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May Maeskes

markilux project

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Unlimited room for development, completely flexible and large-scale.

markilux awning systems.

markilux markant

Design innovation in technical perfection. The free-standing awning system with integrated solar and rain protection, that can be customised to meet your precise requirements.

The perfect accessory to make outdoor space more discerning. Our answer to the request to be able to spend as much time as possible outdoors without having to do without weather protection, comfort and a relaxing atmosphere. The innovative addition and upgrade, in particular for al fresco dining. In combination with optional lighting and infrared heaters, the open air season can thus be substantially extended. An increased feeling of well-being. An increased number of guests. Increased profit.


markilux construct

Make room for your guests in more ample surroundings. The multi-facetted and flexible sun and wet weather protection solution for the somewhat more discerning taste.

There are situations in which a standard solution is not enough to meet your special requirements. In such cases system solutions are required. The highly versatile frame system markilux construct can deal with these out-of-the-ordinary demands quite comfortably. Different modules in combination with different awning models unite to create a veritable awning landscape. You don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to size, and the range of available accessories is impressive. A system developed specifically to meet the broad, divergent requirements of superior outdoor gastronomy. An even greater feeling of well-being for your guests.


markilux syncra

Developed to last for generations. Made for the outdoor life. Spacious solar protection as either a single or coupled system.

The markilux syncra promises generous shading right where you need it. As a single unit up to 60 m² and as a coupled unit even larger areas are no problem. This free-standing frame system literally stands on its own two feet, two round or square posts and a massive cross beam ensure reliable stability. Depending on the requirement, one or two folding-arm awnings or markilux pergolas can be attached to it. This awning frame system is either firmly anchored to the ground (“fix”) or installed using stabilisation boxes (“flex”). No matter which variant you choose, you can count on the markilux syncra.


markilux pergola

For all those who have big plans, even in windy and inclement weather. The elegant awning system on slender support posts, held firmly in guide tracks at the side.

The markilux pergola ranks top when it comes to solar and wet weather protection. The awning system on slender posts with lateral guide tracks provides generous shading with an extension of up to 6 metres. The markilux pergola defies wind and weather up to Beaufort 6 (wind resistance class 3). You can make this awning your own with markilux’s Shadeplus, an array of lighting options and post variants. No matter how strong the sun shines or the wind blows, with the functional design and the protection of the new markilux pergola, you are always one big step ahead of the weather. And this applies in particular to successful al fresco dining areas. Eye-catching. Large. Hospitable. In all weathers.


markilux planet

Runs complete rings around your requirements, and this by up to 335 degrees. A parasol and awning in one. An eye-catcher that gives perfect shade.

The markilux planet is a parasol and awning in one. It’s an eye-catcher that provides perfect shading for your room outdoors. This awning-cum-parasol protects you from solar radiation with exceptional reliability; it’s extremely sturdy, yet mobile. With the easy to use lever in the flex variant, you can simply rotate it by up to 335°, so you can have shade wherever it is required. The slim post carries the selected markilux designer awning with ease and the combination of functionality and design is impressive.


What our customers have to say...

Still not convinced? Then listen to what our customers have to say.


Signwriting on covers and valances

Signwriting on covers and valances. Valances and awning covers offer an ideal area to display your advertising or sponsoring.


colour on demand – Exclusively for you!

Colour is an expression of personality. With the new colour on demand system, markilux gives you the opportunity to choose your very own colour to create your own personal awning heaven. The basis is a plain white fabric in the tried-and-tested markilux sunvas quality, dyed using the state-of-the-art and extremely fade-resistant dyeing process.

Testing of the material by independent institutes provides undeniable proof of the excellent technical characteristics of the sunvas fabric quality.

markilux – the best under the sun. And the most beautiful shade in the world.

The open air season has officially been opened. All year round.

markilux project – Free-standing awning systems made in Germany

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