markilux stand-alone infrared heater

The new markilux stand-alone, 1400 Watt heater offers an optimum of warmth with pleasant infrared heat – for a cosy outdoor living experience.The low glare technology converts the power input into a maximum of heat output.

As a mobile floor-mounted device for flat surfaces, the infrared heater is a perfect leisure time companion for gardens, patios and balconies. It is efficient, energy-saving and creates a warm atmosphere at the touch of a button.

Special features

  • Soft start function with reduced initial current surge

  • Operation via push-button control

  • Acoustic operating feedback

  • Safety power-off if the device tilts 

  • Infrared halogen lamp with "No Glare" heating tube technology giving minimum glare and a pleasant light temperature

  • Powder-coated aluminium housing and base in the standard markilux colours

  • For use outdoors

  • Incl. 1.8 m connection cable with two-pin earthed plug