Markilux North America services the professional design and build trades only. We include complete, personalized support from specification through installation, and the industry’s best warranty. Each Markilux product is an heirloom piece that provides many years of elegance, performance and value.


The price of each shade solution varies with its width, length, fabric and the options chosen. Generally, differences in cassette width matter more to price than differences in extension. Manual operation is lower priced than motorized, and hard-wired or switched operation is lower priced than remote control and sensor-controlled automatic operation. Standard frame colors cost less than custom colored frames.Markilux shade solutions are more highly engineered, elegantly designed, durable, and customized than alternatives. Shown below are typical price ranges for our products delivered to your site, with professional installation additional:

  • Patio awnings–$6,000 to $12,000 and up

  • Canopies on track systems–$5,000 to $16,000 and up

  • Window awnings and exterior window shades–$3,000 to $6,000 and up

  • Free-standing awnings or canopies with support structures for large areas–$10,000 to $25,000 and up

In order to provide a price quote for your shade solution, we need to know the product, the size, the color, the fabric and any custom options to be included. Please call our team of Client Service Executives to identify the best product and options for your shade solution needs and to receive a price quotation.

Ordering & delivery

Once specifications and pricing have been finalized and the order is placed, we will invoice half the total, including shipping, before placing your custom manufacturing order with the factory. Approximately 4 weeks later we will require the balance before the awning is shipped. We accept personal or business checks or wire transfers.

Each Markilux shade solution is custom-built to specifications in Germany. We will provide an estimate of the door-to-door cost to ship from the factory in metal wrapped packing to protect from damage, clear Customs and pay any duty, plus insure your custom made product. Our experienced logistics team ensures the most reliable delivery at the lowest cost to meet your installation time frame. Installation is not included in the price of the shade solution, but we offer budgeting guidance for expected installation costs.


It is strongly recommended, and compliance with our warranty requires, that our shade solutions be installed by a qualified installer. If you have a contractor for your project, we can work with them to ensure your awning is installed properly to ensure a long and successful installation.

We have factory trained, authorized installation partners that we have worked with on numerous installations on all building types. Please contact our office for information about installation partners in your area.

These are a few of the primary considerations when planning a safe, durable installation:

  • Pitch: Markilux awnings may be installed at a wide range of pitches. The pitch (or downward angle) of the awning is set at time of installation, then generally not changed. The pitch setting is a matter of design and appearance, headroom clearance, optimum rain run-off, shade “footprint,” and interior view and sun protection. We recommend a minimum 14° pitch for optimum rain shed.

  • Mounting Height: Mounting height is the height the awning is installed on the wall or roof. The mounting height, in combination with the pitch angle and extension determines how much headroom remains under the awning at extension.

  • Access to Electrical: If you choose a motorized awning, a licensed electrician must supply power and install a junction box near the motor-side of the awning cassette. It is your choice on which side, right or left, the motor is located. Whether 110-volt or 220-volt power is supplied depends on your awning and motor type.

  • Mounting Surface: If the mounting surface is not sturdy enough, a mounting board or header made of material such as pressure treated wood, steel, or Azek PVC may be necessary. The header is bolted to the framing members of the building, then the awning mounted to the header. Your contractor may do this ahead of time or it may be estimated as part of your install work. You might want the header painted to match the building or awning.

  • Spreader Plates: For extra mounting security, vertical or horizontal spreader plates may be employed to distribute the weight of the awning. Spreader plates are ordered at the same time as the awning and are powder coated to match.

  • Wall Switches: A hardwired on/off wall switch is necessary if you choose line voltage standard motorized operation. An RTS motor can be controlled by handheld remote control or by remote-control switch mounted on the wall.

  • Sensors: Motion sensor or anenometer-type wind sensors are often installed as part of shade solutions. A sensor will signal the RTS motor to automatically retract your awning at preset wind limits, for carefree enjoyment of the awning.

Home Automation, Lighting, Heaters, Sound Speakers, or other lifestyle accessories are also part of the planning of your awning installation. We’re here to ensure your shade solution supports your outdoor lifestyle.


Standard with every Markilux shade solution purchased is our Five Year Deluxe Warranty Protection Program. This program provides a 5-year unlimited warranty on parts and material (does not include labor) when installed by an authorized contractor and under proper use.