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The best under the sun.

A stylish blind for small windows 

markilux 720/820: The small window awning markilux 720/820 is the optimal combination of timeless design and high quality. With its subtle appearance and built-in modern technology, it offers you the ideal solution for modern window shading.

Cassette shape 

Fenstermarkise 720-Detail Kassette Wandmontage 0004 201910

markilux 720 Square cassette 95 × 95 mm

Fenstermarkise 820-Detail Kassette Wandmontage 0005 201910

markilux 820 Round cassette, Ø 115 mm

Fixture types 

Fenstermarkise 720-Detail Montage Wand-201910

Face fixture The frame shape that matches your windows.

Fenstermarkise 720-Detail Montage Nische-201701

Reveal fixture Discreet and unobtrusive.