Sun protection for the terrace of the hospital in Zell am See

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Criteria for the perfect sun protection

For the Tauernklinikum Zell am See project, discussions were held in advance with the decision-makers to exchange views on the wishes and requirements for sun protection. The markilux team : project got a picture of the installation situation on site in order to be able to proceed with the design planning following the basic discussion. The inner courtyard of the hospital was designed in collaboration with a landscape planner. Various awning systems and their advantages were presented so that a decision could be made on this basis. The choice fell on the pergola classic model. A four-panel and a single-panel system were installed.

The following factors - both functional and aesthetic - were of great importance when choosing the appropriate awning system.

Wind-stable shading solution for the staff/catering area

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The background to the sun protection project was the desire to make the outdoor area of the hospital more attractive for staff and guests in the catering area. The large terrace offers a place of retreat for nursing staff and doctors. In order to make the break even more relaxing and to be able to move outside more independently of the weather, an awning system with greater wind and weather resistance was to be installed.

In the shelter of the pergola classic, it is not only possible to stand in the sunshine, but also in the rain or wind. The model can be used up to wind force 6 (wind resistance class 3). The markilux tracfix fabric guide, i.e. the lateral fabric guide without a gap between the fabric and the guide rail, also ensures better wind stability and a more attractive overall look for the pergola.

Awning inclination for use in the rain

Since the patio is also to be used in the rain, the pergola classic is also a good choice in this respect. The front column of the markilux pergola can be lowered between 20 and 40 cm, depending on the size - either manually by crank or by motor. The inclination of the awning allows rainwater to drain off better, so that the sunshade also becomes a shelter in case of light rainfall.

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sunvas perla FR awning fabric: flame-retardant and waterproof

For public buildings, special requirements often have to be met. Therefore, there were criteria regarding the selection of the awning fabric: the fabric should be waterproof and flame-retardant, so that a certain level of fire protection is guaranteed. The choice fell on the special fabric perla FR, which thanks to its special properties fulfils fire protection regulations for public buildings. The flame-retardant fabric complies with fire protection class B1.

Integration of the awning fabric into the architecture of the building

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Design is the art of combining function with aesthetics, because: What would the best sun protection be without an attractive appearance?

The appearance of our awnings and awning systems is not only important to us at markilux. The management of the hospital also focused on an attractive appearance. In addition to the awning model, the awning fabric also had to blend in perfectly with the architecture of the building. The bright green of the fabric reflects the friendly, light atmosphere of the mirrored building and sets itself apart from the concrete through the colour accent. In interaction with the sun, the awning and façade create a beautiful ambience.

Successful project completion thanks to teamwork at all levels

In a project of this size, precise coordination between the customer, the manufacturer and the specialist company is of great importance. For the installation to run smoothly, it is also important to include other parties such as other trades (e.g. terrace builders and electricians) in the planning. The planner of the construction measures at the hospital in Zell am See was able to coordinate all trades in such a way that the installation, including the product handover, took place within two days.

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