Cassette awnings

Cassette awnings have all-round protection. Cover and arm mechanism rest in a closed cassette when retracted. The markilux 6000 for example combines all these advantages.

Your advantages:

Safe retraction: Well packed cover and technology.

  • Maximum protection from environmental influences
  • Good looks even after many years
  • Elegant, modern design
Cassette awnings: markilux MX-1 - <div class="row">...

Design: conspicious.
Size: new dimensions.
Take place: anywhere.

Experience, knowledge of design and technology as well as beauty and functionality unite in the markilux MX-1 - a combination of a protective roof and an awning. The cassette, including the porch, with a total construction depth of 62 cm, protects windows and facades.


markilux MX-1
Cassette awnings: markilux MX-1 compact - <div class="row">...

Size: slender.
Design: unique.
Possibilities: infinite.

Experience, knowledge of design and technology as well as beauty and functionality also unite in the markilux MX-1 compact - the MX-1's little sister. The cassette awning, with a construction depth of 40 cm, is smaller than the markilux MX-1, but just as impressive in terms of technology.


markilux MX-1 compact
Cassette awnings: markilux ES-1 - <div class="row">...

Sky: blue.
Sun: bright.
Forecast: brilliant.



Best design: markilux ES-1 was granted the Red Dot Design Award. Best quality: strong gas piston-tensioned arms provide excellent tautness of the fabric – even when the awning is not fully extended. Best protection: a stainless steel roof embraces the fabric and the fabric roller. The end caps are available in various metal versions – copper, brass, steel.


markilux ES-1
Cassette awnings: markilux 6000 - <div class="row">...

Design: excellent.
Technology: great.
Fun: unlimited.



Multiple design options for one awning model. Development of an entirely unique technology. Extras that embellish every day, prolong the evening quality time outside and make all seasons patio-proof – all this is the markilux 6000. Design series standard and lounge make it easy to find the perfect cassette and arms – matching style and colour – for every type of house.


markilux 6000
Cassette awnings: markilux 5010 -

Size: unexcelled.
Beauty: versatile.
Talent: allround.

Its the one with the most shade for everybody: maximum width of the markilux 5010 is seven metres. This should host all – and everything fits perfectly together: different upper and lower arm lengths provide...
markilux 5010
Cassette awnings: markilux 970 - <div class="row">...

Trend: angular.
Shape: perfect.
Pleasure: great.

Urban chic combined with plenty of technical comfort. This is the promise of the markilux 970. The cassette awning impresses with puristic, angular design, where every detail is just right. The otherwise timeless colour range surprises with powerful accent colours for the front profile ­a contrasting play of colours which livens up any façade.


markilux 970
Cassette awnings: markilux 990 -

Space: tiny.
Elegance: big.
Popularity: enormous.

Small and compact. Perfect to fit at wall or at ceiling. Minimizing size and weight due to u-shaped front profile that encompasses elegantly both folding arms and roller tube: the markilux 990 is an ideal...
markilux 990
Cassette awnings: markilux 3300 pur -

Character: stable.
Adaptiveness: great
Outside: always.

Not only for private but equally for commercial use: the markilux 3300 pur is really popular due to its tight fit to the wall and robust cassette design. The double gutter allows water to run off to the...
markilux 3300 pur
Cassette awnings: markilux 1710 - <div class="row">...

Aesthetics: spotless.
Sun: shining.
Day: brilliant.



Its light and elegant appearance is striking: torque bar and fabric roller tube of the markilux 1710 and its markilux 1710 stretch twin seem to fuse into one at the droplet-shaped roller tube support bracket. Just in case of rain the cassette protects the awning while not in use; when extended, the integrated gutter and water drainage spouts make water run off to the sides.


markilux 1710

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