Open Folding-Arm Awnings

Open awnings present cover and technology without all-round protection. They are mainly used for installations under overhanging roofs or in reveals, however, they can be combined with a coverboard.

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  • Intelligent technology
  • Low-cost basic version
  • Modern, trendy design
Open Folding-Arm Awnings: markilux 930 swing - <div class="row">...

Wind: very nice.
Sun: just perfect.
Day: couldn't be better.




The markilux 930 swing adapts ideally to all conditions. It is small, delicate and elegant – and especially suited for installation under overhanging roofs, where additional protection of cover and mechanics is not required. An intelligent pivoting mechanism lends it a particularly compact and flat appearance when closed.


markilux 930 swing
Open Folding-Arm Awnings: markilux 1700 - <div class="row">...

Shape: delicate.
Design: winning.
Satisfaction: complete.



The red dot design award is already given to the markilux 1700, for the German Design Award 2014 it is nominated: this is an outstanding awning. Filigree, organic, elegant. Because of its sturdy construction even large areas can be easily shaded. The bionic tendon with extremely high tensile strength guarantees a friction-free and nearly noiseless folding of the arms.


markilux 1700
Open Folding-Arm Awnings: markilux 1300 -

Friends: invited.
Spectators: excluded.
Climate: perfect.

It is robust, reliable, and fulfills all expectations: the markilux 1300. Strong, distinctively shaped arms and a round steel-link-chain ensure a taut cover. The front profile makes water run off to the...
markilux 1300

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