Vertical Cassette: markilux 776 / 876 - Sheer privacy. The world remains outside with the vertical awning markilux 776 / 876. The sun has no chance to heat up a room from the outside. The awning is the ideal solar protection for large windows or glass roofings, where, apart from an underglass awning, additional protection from prying eyes and heat is desired. Thanks to a special tensioning module, the awning operation is very quiet and the cover is ideally tensioned. Ideal conditions for retreating to...
Light: subdued.
Ambience: relaxed.
Charakter: generous.

Protection from prying eyes, light and heat are the attributes of the graceful vertical awning markilux 776 / 876. The awning has big plans in mind, as it offers plenty of solar protection, glaring light and prying eyes to glass areas up to 600 cm, all this with a subtle design with a cover cassette measuring just 130 mm. Gas­tensioned pistons ensure perfect cover fit and ensure low­noise extension and retraction of the awning. The markilux 776 / 876 is optionally avialable with tracfix system where the cover runs flush in the lateral tracks via a sort of zipper system. In this variant it is also available with a panoramic window. The motorised version can be integrated in any house automation for comfortable operation.   

markilux 776/776 tracfix
markilux 876/876 tracfix


Optional tracfix system for secure lateral cover guidance without gap between cover and 
guide track. Low­maintenance tensioning module with gas­pistons, ball bearing­mounted 
reflection rollers with smooth operation.


All the fabric patterns in the current markilux collection are from sunvas snc | sunsilk snc | visutex as well as ­ depending on size ­ vuscreen Alu | perfotex (not with tracfix) | sunvas transolair.


Smart optional accessories for enhanced comfort: markilux wireless remote control, sun and 
wind sensors, panoramic windows.


Maximum width: 600 cm for system height of 350 cm

Optional: 400 cm for system height of 600 cm



Stainless steel crank for manual operation. Optional: Electric motor or radio-
controlled motor with markilux wireless remote control.

Electric motor. Optional: Radio­controlled motor with markilux wireless 
remote control.

Possible integration in a house automation.


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Insects: stay outside.
Climate: just perfect.

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