Modular frame system

There are situations where a standard model is not enough to meet your special requirements. In these situations system solutions are required. The frame system markilux construct is extremely versatile and flexible. Different modules unite with different awnings to create a veritable awning landscape. You don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to size, and the range of available accessories is impressive. You can choose between round and angular posts. It is almost impossible to describe the markilux construct: you just simply have to experience it in your own garden

Designer awnings to your own precise specification

Different conservatory and folding arm awnings are possible and can be combined with vertical blinds or side screens according to your wishes.


almost unlimited thanks to modular and flexible frame system


depending on awning model, round / angular posts, triangular acrylic windows or covers for the gable ends, baseplate covers

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markilux pergola

Toldos para espacios al aire libre

El sistema de toldos markilux pergola está formado por el cofre del toldo markilux 8800 apoyado en filigranas columnas. El markilux pergola 210 cuenta con una columna abatible, que supone una gran ventaja en el caso de limitaciones en la altura y para garantizar la fluidez del agua. Adicionalmente se puede equipar el techo del toldo con la función súper-sombra.

markilux pergola

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Toldo para espacios al aire libre

Con dos cajas de peso personificables, el sistema de toldos se fija de forma libre y flexible, sin cimientos. Con markilux syncra, una elegante protección contra el sol y la intemperie, se pueden cubrir hasta 60 m².

markilux syncra

More comfort with Somfy CONNEXOON

With the CONNEXOON® Terrace you can control your awning and also other products on and around your patio effortlessly using your smartphone or tablet.

Create your own personal patio atmosphere with lighting effects, music and an open awning.

Generate patio scenarios easily with the Snapshot function and record your favourite atmosphere setting in a photo. Activate the sun sensor function intuitively via the operating interface using just a few clicks.

What can an awning do for me?

Directing light – indoors and outdoors.

Adjusting light – precisely to personal needs. Creating atmosphere. Inside or outside: markilux is the perfect individual assistant.

UV-protection to put hands on.

Being protected from sun too intense to enjoy. Regulating the climate – and saving energy. Setting shade where it is needed – with markliux.

More space for the summer.

Redefining the summer residence. Extending the house – adding sunny rooms and making space for shade, preferrably outside. Inventing islands for recreation and relaxation: perfect with markilux.