markilux súper-sombra


Your advantages

Blinding sun rays or prying eyes can simply be blocked out with the shadeplus: This additional fabric panel is lowered from the front profile.

This creates an additional protection from prying eyes and the sun that converts your outdoor area into an airy private niche.

Shadeplus is a clever invention making the solar protection under your markilux perfect: In the front projection profile there is an additional roller with a second awning cover that can be lowered - to an extension of max. 2.10 m. This creates a wonderful shady additional room outdoors: No matter if the sun is high or low, shadeplus offers reliable protection.

The position of the sun does not only depend on the time of the day, but also from the location, alignment and season. A markilux with shadeplus always guarantees perfect protection - order it together with your awning!