O melhor 

debaixo do sol 


When you need 

just that little bit more. 

A free-standing rectangular awning stand system: the markilux construct 

Situations can arise in which a standard model is not enough to meet your particular requirements. In situations like these, bespoke solutions are required. The awning system markilux construct is extremely versatile and flexible. Different modules can be combined with different awning systems to create a veritable awning landscape. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to size. You can choose between round and square posts and the range of available accessories is impressive. Describing the markilux construct is all but impossible - you simply have to experience it. 

Opções do sistema de toldo livre. 


Markisensystem construct-Villagarten Imagebild Dessin weiss-201802

Desenho de toldos conforme desejado 

Vários telhados de vidro e toldos de braço articulado são possíveis e são combinados com toldos verticais ou laterais conforme desejado. 

Más sistemas de toldos, alternativas y complementos 

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