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Outdoor living - the trend of enjoying life outdoors and spending more time outside - is becoming increasingly important in society. Enjoying an iced coffee on the terrace of your favorite café, sitting with friends in the beer garden or playing in the fresh air on the playground - all this is pure quality of life. Outdoor quality time can be perfected with individual, attractive sun and weather protection from markilux. Thanks to protection from the sun, wind, rain and cold, there are almost no limits to your time outdoors.

With markilux project, we offer an exclusive service for commercial customers who are interested in large-scale shading to enhance their outdoor areas. In close cooperation with our specialist partners, markilux project takes care of the planning and implementation of individual sun shading solutions for the commercial sector, for public facilities and for the catering and hotel industry.

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Complete concepts for business customers are the core competence of markilux project, which is why our experts support you with your sun protection project. markilux project is your reliable partner for commercial sun protection and accompanies you through all phases of awning planning - from the beginning to completion and beyond: from determining your needs and the local conditions, through planning to implementation and finally project completion.

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Extend your business outside and benefit from increased capacity and a long outdoor season. An investment in high-quality markilux sun shading and weather protection is always worthwhile. Use our amortization calculator to work out when the investment in your individual sun shading solution will pay for itself and what increase in turnover you can expect.

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about markilux project

markilux project is a team of experts for commercial sun protection and a contact for business customers. Due to the special requirements and the complexity of commercial sun protection solutions, professional advice and competent support of the project from start to implementation is important. In addition to the consultation, the design and implementation planning is carried out in-house and the designs are made tangible for the customer using 3D visualization. In this way, we offer our business customers the best possible basis for making a decision on the purchase of a commercial awning system. The cooperation with a regional specialist partner, who takes care of the installation and is available as an additional qualified contact partner, ensures a smooth process.

Individual sun shading solutions that are tailored to the requirements of different industries are the core competence of markilux project. From many years of experience and various projects, we know what is important and which solutions are ideal for which target group - always taking into account customer requirements and the local and structural conditions, of course.

If you would like to shade your commercial outdoor area, please contact our markilux project. The team specializes in planning and implementing large sun protection solutions, which can consist of a combination of several awnings, pergolas, free-standing awning systems and wind protection elements.

Due to the larger scope of the project, we support the local specialist dealer with the planning, both on site and by means of technical drawings and 3D visualizations. Our expertise in the field of sun shading thus comes into its own. As usual, the installation and after-sales service is carried out by the specialist partner, who is the expert in this field. Due to their geographical proximity, they are also the point of contact for any issues that may arise after installation.

The markilux project planning service is aimed at business customers. As sun shading solutions for sectors such as restaurants & hotels, daycare centres & schools, golf courses, social facilities, companies or local authorities are complex projects, they require comprehensive planning and professional advice. In order to be able to think through the investment thoroughly, the markilux project range includes services such as 3D visualization of the plans.

A cooperation with markilux project is worthwhile, as you can continue to concentrate on the essentials: Your business. We advise and provide you with all the relevant information and design solutions that optimally shade your outdoor area. Tell us your requirements for the awning system and you will receive a well thought-out proposal. With the help of 3D visualization, you can get an idea of the implementation before you make your purchase decision and ensure that the planning meets your requirements. You can also be sure of a professional and smooth installation. A qualified markilux specialist partner will take care of the installation on site. After a briefing on the sun protection system and its controls, you can start using your awnings.

If you have made the decision to purchase sun protection for your business, contact markilux project without obligation. After contacting us, members of the markilux project team will contact you to ask about the requirements and tasks of the sun protection project. It is important to define which area is to be shaded, whether additional equipment is required and the time frame for implementation. In an on-site appointment, our experts check the installation situation, discuss your wishes and take photos for documentation and later visualization. The next steps are the design and implementation planning, including 3D visualizations. Once you have decided on an awning system, the project is implemented and finally completed. You can find detailed information on the project process here.

Due to the individual requirements in terms of size, model and possible additional equipment such as LED lighting, radiant heaters, side sun and wind protection and much more, it is not possible to give a general guide value. The price varies depending on whether individual awnings or complete concepts are to be installed. It is best to consult our experts to obtain a realistic estimate of the expected costs. You can make a non-binding inquiry using the contact form or by telephone, for example.

In principle, all our models are also suitable for commercial use. Depending on the area you would like to shade, the different awnings (types) have different advantages. Let our markilux project experts advise you and find the perfect sun protection for your requirements. You can find contact details here.

Many models are not only suitable as sun protection, but also offer protection from rain or wind. Special fabrics make the awning weatherproof. If you add side elements to awning systems, you also get all-round protection that makes the covered area more windproof.

Yes, in addition to the technical drawings, we offer you the service of a 3D visualization of the sun protection system. This makes the awning system tangible and gives you a good basis for deciding on the purchase of your commercial sun shading system.

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