More attractive outdoor seating thanks to markilux pergola stretch

Reference story: Oberhabach holiday estate

Awning system for holiday property at the foot of the "Wilder Kaiser".

Feriengut Oberhabach is located in the middle of the Kitzbühel Alps. The Seibald family invites you to a farm holiday in Kirchdorf, Austria. In order to offer the best possible comfort on the large outdoor terrace, the owner family decided to have a new awning system installed. For the implementation of this project, they called on the services of the markilux team : projects in the planning phase. Because our planning team also supports restaurateurs and hoteliers abroad in the planning and implementation of individual large-scale shading systems.

In the run-up to the project, the Seibalds had already given some thought to what requirements the new sun protection system should fulfil. Due to the combination of design and functionality as well as the quality and durability of the products, the choice quickly fell on markilux. Another plus point was the possibility of support from the markilux team : project and a qualified, local specialist partner.

markilux pergola stretch Ref Kirchdorf in Tirol 08

pergola stretch provides shade on the holiday farm

Due to the special customer requirements, the markilux team : project suggested the installation of the pergola stretch model. This is because the system's special drive technology makes it particularly suitable for large outdoor areas in the catering and hotel industry. Thus, on the terrace of the Oberhabach holiday estate, a good 107 square metre 3-field system with integrated LED line was used. The integration of the light creates a cosy atmosphere that is positively received by the guests and prolongs the evening.

Space for more seating thanks to slimline mounting solution

One of the main wishes was to create more space for seating in the outdoor gastronomy area. The previous screen solution was to be replaced. The use of the pergola stretch creates additional usable space that was previously occupied by many parasol stands. The mounting method of the pergola models makes it possible to shade a large area without losing much space. Thanks to the slender columns, only a minimum of the ground is taken up. In the case of the holiday estate, the installation was even placed away from the terrace on the adjacent lawn. This means that the entire area can be used for entertaining guests. In total, the installation now shades a good 50 seats and thus offers sufficient capacity for the holiday guests.

Even if anchoring in the ground should not be possible, a secure fastening by means of weighting boxes is an option. This type of installation requires a little more space, but the boxes can also be used as a bench or flower box, so that the lost space can still be used optimally.

markilux pergola stretch Ref Kirchdorf in Tirol 06

pergola offers protection from rain

The new shading system also had to protect against rain. Thanks to the large variety of awning fabrics and various types of fabric, the markilux team : project had the right solution ready for the desire for a rain-proof terrace. The light-coloured awning fabric is waterproof to protect against rain and makes the use of the outdoor area flexible. In addition, safe water drainage is ensured by the integrated rain gutter and the columns even at a low inclination of 5°. This keeps the terrace attractive even in less good weather.

Individual design ensures a harmonious look

In addition to the functionality of the awning, its appearance was naturally also a priority. The modern character of the markilux pergola system also had to match the traditional Tyrolean construction of the holiday home and blend into the alpine landscape. Therefore, the markilux team : project recommended a light-coloured fabric and a brown shade as frame colour to match the natural wooden elements of the house. The individually configured pergola stretch could be securely fastened to the load-bearing wooden beams of the external balcony on the façade. In this way, the awning integrates into the overall image of the holiday farm and exudes an Austrian flair.

markilux pergola stretch Ref Kirchdorf in Tirol 017

markilux pergola stretch - versatile sun protection

You can get an impression of the markilux pergola stretch and the various configuration options in the following short clip:

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