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Restaurant "Villa Tapas" in Assen
Six gray on-glass awnings markilux 8800 on a glass building.

Efficient thermal insulation
for glass surfaces

markilux vertical and glass roof awnings ensure a better climate at Villa Tapas

Rooms that are enclosed by a lot of glass can heat up considerably due to the warmth of the sunlight. The operator of Villa Tapas, a restaurant in the Dutch city of Assen, a good 30 kilometers south of Groningen, also experienced this. To allow guests to enjoy the bright, open atmosphere in more pleasant temperatures, the restaurateur had part of the building shaded by markilux awning systems.

Located in the center of Assen, in the west of the province of Drenthe, the modern glass building of the Villa Tapas restaurant, which extends over two levels, is reminiscent of an oversized greenhouse. Around 170 square meters of glass give the building with its 200 seats a transparent, airy character. However, this design also had its disadvantages. The markilux awning systems solved this problem, which means that less energy is now required to air-condition the interior of the restaurant.

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Added value and advantages
of the sun shading solution

of the reference object

  • mx 8800 625 Ref Assen 11 202306
  • Six gray on-glass awnings markilux 8800 on a glass building.
  • markilux 8800 Ref Assen 012 202110
  • mx 8800 Ref Assen 035 202110
  • Restaurant in Assen is glazed all around and carries a cream-colored on-glass awning on the roof
  • Detail picture on glass awning
  • mx 8800 Ref Assen 032 202110
  • markilux 8800 625 Ref Assen 13 202306
  • markilux 8800 625 Ref Assen 07 202306
  • markilux 8800 625 Ref Assen 01 202306

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