Create more space, receive more guests

In every challenge lies an opportunity

Different times ask for different measures. As a hotel owner you are facing the challenge to create more covers to get your revenue up, but at the same time you need to comply with social distancing rules and regulations. We understand this challenge and we are here to help. The solution is to create more space. If you want to know how, we invite you to read on.

Awnings in autumn and winter

Awning systems are not just meant for sunny days. Think bigger. Creating cover for an outdoor area enables you to fit in more tables and chairs, which expands your capacity to serve more guests. There are several awning systems that are perfect for autumn and winter time. With properties like waterproof fabrics, heaters and integrated lighting your guests will be more than comfortable.

Markisensystem im Frühling


Enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine. Stay outside – yet still protected.

Markisensystem im Sommer


Spend the day outside in the most beautiful shade in the world. Under your own personal awning landscape.

Markisensystem im Herbst


Extend the summer season. Sit in comfort protected from wind and inclement weather. Outside, the most pleasant place to be.

Markisensystem im Winter


Lighting options and infrared heaters turn night into day and even make your favourite place outdoors attractive in the coldest season of the year.

Intelligent Investment

To make an investment in a markilux system for your business is an intelligent decision. One of the top reasons why hotel owners choose markilux is because of the durability. The systems are built to last many years without any difficulties, allowing you to earn back your investment rapidly. Want to know how quickly you can earn back your investment? Try out the revenue calculator in the top right of this page.

Get inspired

If you want to see how the markilux systems work for hotel owners, have a look at the videos below to see how others hotels expanded their businesses.

Expert advice at hand

Important business decisions are best made with the right information. Therefore, we have three dedicated B2B experts ready to help you out. Get in touch directly:

Gary Lawrence

team : project

consultant United Kingdom

phone: +44 7825 085093

mail: [email protected]

The right path: partnership.

From the very beginning with markilux.

For the success of a project a partnership is important and right.Our team : project complete service for large awning systems, also offers you a maximum of safe planning, reliability and the longevity of the markilux brand products. On the way to your individual large-area shading, you will reach your desired goal together with us – safely and step by step.

1. Contact   team : project

2. On-site appointment Basic planning

3. Design engineering  Creation of technical drawings, visualisation, presentation

4. Presentation on-site  Final modifications of technical drawings and animations

5. Offer  Detailed offer by specialist markilux dealer on the basis of the final plans

6. Signing the order  Approval and release of the order

7. Execution Managing/monitoring the production and the delivery. Installation by specialist markilux dealer.

8. Final handover Approval of the installation

Configure your system

If you are curious and already roughly know what you want we invite you to explore the different systems below and have a go at the configurator:

  • awning for balcony, awning for terrace

    markilux 3300

    maximal width: 700 cm
    maximal depth (extend): 400 cm

  • side screens, awning open space, awning for balcony, awning for terrace

    markilux format, format slide + format lift

  • awning for balcony, awning for terrace, awning open space

    markilux pergola

    maximal width: 600 cm
    maximal depth (extend): 600 cm

  • awning open space, awning for balcony, awning for terrace

    markilux pergola compact

    maximal width: 450 cm
    maximal depth (extend): 400 cm

  • awning open space, awning for terrace

    markilux syncra fix / syncra uno fix awnings with folding arms

  • awning open space, awning for terrace

    markilux markant

    maximal width: 612 cm
    maximal depth (extend): 600 cm

  • awning open space, awning for terrace

    markilux planet

    maximal width: 610 cm
    maximal depth (extend): 350 cm

  • awning open space

    markilux construct

The open air season has officially been opened. All year round.

markilux project – Free-standing awning systems made in Germany

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