markilux awnings for
commercial use
Reference image Gastronomy business on jetty GastroAmSee is equipped with four pergola stretches

Awnings for shading commercial areas.
The right solution for every purpose.

markilux offers solutions for perfect sun and weather protection with high utility value and lasting value. Awning support systems have been developed especially for the project sector and for shading larger outdoor areas. Sun protection for the commercial sector offers shade and protection for every season. Extend your outdoor season: in spring and fall, the outdoor area can be used despite cool temperatures, rain or wind. In summer, the awning systems provide shade and glare protection, making it attractive to spend time on the patio regardless of the strength of the sun's rays. Sun protection even has advantages in winter. Lighting options and infrared heaters turn night into day and your favorite outdoor spot into an inviting place even in the cold season.

Together with markilux project, we find the right solution for every business customer. Both large area shading with large draws and widths that require complex planning as well as smaller solutions for special installation situations.

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Pergola awnings

Pergola awnings are particularly suitable for shading large areas. The side fabric guide ensures that the pergola is highly stable and can withstand winds up to a certain strength. A pergola is therefore not only suitable for use in sunshine, but also in wind and rain. Extended use of the outdoor area is therefore possible. Equipped with additional features, it can also be used in the cold and in the dark.

Product advantages

Large-area sun shading

Sturdy construction

Optional: all-round protection through combination with other sun shading elements

Extend the outdoor season with extras such as lights and infrared heaters

Restaurant terrace by the lake, covered with a markilux pergola stretch with gray frame and white fabric cover. Completed with white vertical blinds.
House with markilux pergola classic with beige cloth and shade plus on the beach in the dunes.
markilux pergola cubic with lighting and shadeplus, fincascene at night
Pergola compact on the terrace of a brick house. The awning is illuminated by LED Line

Free-standing awning systems

A building is not necessarily required to provide shade for outdoor areas. Free-standing awning systems can also be used to provide shade in open areas. Whether discreet or large-scale, our models offer options for every situation: combined with articulated arm awnings or as a stand-alone system.

Product advantages

Flexible application options

Sun shading on open surfaces

All-round protection through combination with vertical awnings and side elements

Various models for shading small and large areas

Inn with various terrace areas, covered with markilux awning systems.
markilux syncra with pergola classic on both sides with green fabric cover and shadeplus on a roof terrace.

Folding-arm awnings

Folding-arm awnings are the classic type of awning, which are often attached directly to the façade of a building. If this is not possible or desired, they can alternatively be mounted on our markilux syncra awning stand system. Folding-arm awnings offer the ideal sun protection for various areas of application. The special feature of this type of awning is that the awning cover is tensioned by the folding arms.

Product advantages

Folding arms ensure optimum tensioning of the awning cover

Full cassette awnings offer all-round protection for fabric and technology

Installation on the building or attached to the markilux syncra free-standing awning stand system

Large selection of additional equipment such as light, heat exchanger, shadeplus

Terrace of an inn, covered with a white awning. As additional protection against wind serve the side elements markilux format in the same design as the awning.

External blinds

markikux vertical awnings are ideal for shading windows. By installing them on the outside, the sun's rays are intercepted before they can penetrate through the glass into the interior of the building. This significantly reduces heat build-up. In addition to pleasant temperatures, the window awnings prevent annoying glare.

Product advantages

Reduction of heat generation in the building

Glare protection

Various mounting options

Clear view to the outside through transparent fabrics

Detail view of vertical cassette awning markilux 776: gray frame, orange fabric cover, wall mounted.

Conservatory & patio roof awnings

Our conservatory and patio roof awnings ensure pleasant temperatures inside. The awning cover prevents the sun's rays from penetrating, noticeably reducing the heat input. Glare from the sunlight can also be avoided. The glass roof awnings create a beautiful textile ambience that gives your conservatory a cosy feel.

Product advantages

Effective glare protection for glass rooms

Prevents the interior from heating up

Textile ambience for conservatories and glass roofs

In combination with external blinds and side elements, all-round protection is created

Six gray on-glass awnings markilux 8800 on a glass building.
markilux 8800 Ref Den Haag 015 202010 4x3 WEB

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