Sunshade with a view of the Berlin Wall

Reference story: Hotel Schulz

New awning system for Hotel Schulz

markilux planned and realized the sun protection for the Hotel Schulz, located in the middle of Berlin. The choice fell on a generous pergola system. The chosen system adapts to different weather conditions and can be completely closed with vertical blinds if required.

markilux 8800 Ref Berlin 10 2020

Outdoor terrace as an extended breakfast room

Hotel Schulz is a young, cosmopolitan hotel, located close to the center of the Spree and opened in 2018. From the outdoor guest room you can look out over the history of the city. The terrace is directly adjacent to a preserved piece of the Berlin Wall, which reflects the spirit of the city through colorful graffiti.

The hotel operators decided to have the terrace covered with awnings. Among other things, they wanted to use the area as an extended breakfast room where people from all over the world meet.


Multi-span pergola plant shades 75 square meters

After extensive consultation with the markilux team : project, the owner decided on the markilux pergola classic with tracfix fabric guidance. The system consists of four separate panels and can be controlled by radio. In total, it measures a good 12 meters in length and spans an area of around 75 square meters. This means that 50 guests can now find a weather-protected place in the outdoor dining area and enjoy their breakfast.

Clear view of the Berlin Wall thanks to panoramic window

In order to be able to use the room in all weather conditions, vertical awnings of type markilux 776 with tracfix guide tracks as well as triangular awnings were installed. In this way, the system can be closed all around and there are fewer gaps through which wind or rain can enter. To ensure that the view of the historic wall remains unobstructed, panoramic windows have been integrated into the sides. When the weather is nice, the room can be quickly reopened by raising the awnings.

Simple design to match the facade


The concept of the hotel is very modern and a bit hip inside. From the outside it looks rather simple. The color of the fabric cover and frame are therefore chosen light and neutral. In this way, the markilux pergola classic matches both the façade and the adjacent, brightly colored wall.

More information about planning and implementation of large area shading with team : project



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