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Vous voulez transformer votre terrasse ou votre balcon en une oasis de bien-être qui joint l'utile à l'agréable ? L'équipe markilux est là pour vous. Nous vous aidons à créer votre nouvel endroit préféré en y installant notre protection solaire. 

La protection solaire est notre passion et c'est pourquoi nous sommes leaders sur le marché en matière de stores pour terrasses et balcons. 

Notre vaste gamme de stores englobe les stores pour terrasses et balcons, les stores indépendants, les stores latéraux, les stores pour fenêtres et jardins d'hiver. 

Venez fureter dans nos différents domaines et configurez votre markilux personnel. 


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How much will the awning I have configured cost? 

markilux blinds and awnings are high-grade quality products.In each of our products there technical innovations have been incorporated that fulfill a specific requirement.Our technology is intended to last for a small eternity so we lay great store by the quality of the materials we employ. The uniqueness of our production facility, weaving mill and awning assembly all under one roof, makes it possible to create products that are "Made in Germany" and leave no desire unfulfilled. 

But, when you acquire a markilux blind or awning, you not only get the product itself but also the service and installation team near you. We have a broad network of competent markilux specialist dealers at our disposal. When installing a blind or awning many different aspects have to be considered: the particulars of the house, the substrate the product is to be fitted to, the anchoring of free-standing systems to the ground etc. To guarantee that you get the best advice and service, you can find the specialist dealer closest to you in our dealer search engine. In his or her showroom you can see and experience markilux products live, get detailed advice and arrange an appointment for them to visit your home - so that you can get long and lasting enjoyment from your high-grade quality awning.