From the idea to the implementation of commercial sun and weather protection
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What steps are involved in project planning for commercial sun shading?

On the way to your individual large-area shading system, we will achieve your desired goal together safely and step by step. Whether you run a café or restaurant, manage a school or daycare center, run a company or are an urban planner designing the city center - with markilux project, we offer you professional support right from the start.

markilux project is the right support for the realization of your vision of individual sun protection. From the start of the project to its successful implementation, markilux project is your reliable partner. In addition to competent planning and experience with shading large areas, our product portfolio offers many solutions that combine function and design. In the various project phases, your wishes and requirements are determined, proposed solutions are presented, suitable awnings and awning systems are selected and finally installed by a markilux specialist partner.

From the initial idea to the completion of the project, we support you in word and deed and work closely with a qualified markilux specialist partner. As soon as you have contacted us, the "sun protection" project can begin.

Five steps
to a customized commercial sun shading solution

1. Basic determination

After you contact us, we usually clarify the

with you over the phone and ask for initial project information, such as the area to be shaded. It is not only the desired size of the sun protection system that is important for planning, because our solutions are more than just sun protection. That's why our markilux project experts will
talk to you
about your
and what
additional benefits
are important to you, such as wind protection, infrared heaters, lighting, branding and awning design in line with your corporate identity.

In a subsequent first appointment at your premises, our experts will check the installation situation, your

for an awning system and advise you on the scope of the markilux planning service.
are taken for documentation and visualization purposes. These then help to create floor plans and views.

2. Draft planning

Once the basic assessment and preliminary planning have been carried out, the project continues: the on-site appointment is followed by the design planning, including the creation of a

technical drawing
. With the initial design planning, the experts from markilux project enter their
creative phase
. Initial ideas for shading options according to customer requirements and local conditions are presented.

On request, we can offer you a

3D visualization
of your sun protection solution.
Computer-aided photomontages and animated visualizations can also be used to simulate shadow patterns depending on the selected awning model. This makes it possible to determine the most effective location and the perfect size for the sun protection.

3. Implementation planning

After the design planning and the exchange between you and markilux project, the plans become more concrete. The dimensions are checked once again on site as part of the detailed measurements. The measurements are then passed on to the design department, where the final technical drawings are created.

In a further appointment on site or digitally, we present the implementation planning to you as part of a

. This step also involves
and, if necessary, amending
the technical drawings
. You will then receive a
cost estimate

Based on the final implementation planning, the selected local markilux specialist partner will prepare the final

for you. If you have any queries about the items in the quotation, they will also answer your questions.

4. Execution

After commissioning the implementation, markilux ensures

the production and logistics processes
. This is because the production of the awnings and their delivery must be planned precisely so that installation and assembly can take place smoothly. Following the manufacture of the products and the associated process controlling, the specialized markilux specialist partner takes care of the
professional installation of your sun protection.

5. Project completion

The final project step is the

of the property
by you as the customer and your markilux specialist partner, accompanied by markilux project if necessary. Finally, you will be
instructed in the operation
of your custom-made awning
so that the project is
successfully completed
. Now it's time to enjoy the shade!

Now that you have become familiar with the process of a sun shading project, you can start planning it yourself. Because if you are looking for commercial sun protection, markilux project is the right place for you. Our professional advice, expertise and good relationships with our specialist partners will make your project a real success. So don't hesitate to contact us without obligation.

Start your personal sun shading project
to make the most of your outdoor space!

Would you like to use your outdoor area all year round? Are you looking for sun protection that is more than just its original function? An all-round solution that offers protection from the sun's rays, heat, wind, rain and cold? In addition to the product benefits, are attractive design, quality and durability important to you? But you are still not quite sure what your desired solution should look like or which models are suitable for you?

Then let our experts at markilux project advise you. With years of experience, we develop complete solutions for various areas of application. Our planning focuses on your requirements and wishes, taking into account the local conditions. Even for special installation situations, markilux project will find a suitable solution to provide you with sun and weather protection.

You will receive professional and competent advice
from the markilux project experts

You can reach us in various ways. Write us an e-mail, fill out the contact form or pick up the phone directly to speak to a contact person in person. Regardless of how you contact markilux, your inquiry will reach the markilux project experts so that your project can be processed and started quickly.

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