markilux syncra fix / syncra uno fix awnings with folding arms

Awning system

The markilux syncra promises generous shading right where you need it. As a single unit up to 60 m2; as a coupled unit even larger areas are no problem. This free-standing awning literally stands on its own two feet, two round or square posts and a massive cross beam ensure reliable stability. Depending on the requirement, one or two folding arm awnings or markilux pergolas can be attached to it. This awning system is either firmly anchored to the ground (“fix”) or installed using stabilisation boxes (“flex”). No matter which variant you choose, you can count on the markilux syncra.


depending on the model up to 60 m², as a coupled unit even larger

Folding arm

depends on the model


depending on the awning, uno (only one awning/ pergola), flex (with stabilisation boxes), round / angular posts, coupled unit

markilux syncra uno Two feet. One awning. No problem. The markilux syncra uno proves itself a stable base for one “wing”.

markilux syncra pergola With the additional posts at the front and the lateral cover guidance, this option offers particular advantages in terms of size and wind stability.

markilux syncra flex Stabilisation boxes permit a set-up without concrete foundations at the installation site.

A strong alliance.

The awning system on strong support posts can also be equipped with the top awnings markilux MX­1 and markilux MX­1 compact in future. Here, two design heavyweights combine in an elegant and easy alliance. A fusion of sophistication, stability and design – for the most beautiful shade in the world. 

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markilux pergola

Til alle, der har store planer i vind og vejr.

Kassetteprofil, styreskinner, udfaldsplade og søjler foran er afstemt efter hinanden ned til mindste detalje for en elegant, men alligevel omfattende afskærmning af terrassen.

markilux pergola

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Parasol og markise i et – og en eyecatcher, som perfekt afskærmer dit udendørs rum mod solen. Markiseparasollen markilux planet beskytter pålideligt mod solindstråling, er yderst stabilt og alligevel mobil. Med Easy-Go-håndtaget kan du i flex-varianten nemt dreje markiseparasollen op til 335 grader – så du altid har skyggen der, hvor du vil. Den smalle søjle holder med lethed den valgte markilux-designmarkise. Et sammenspil af funktionalitet og design, som overbeviser. markilux planet beviser endnu engang, at dine behov altid er i fokus hos markilux.

markilux planet

What can an awning do for me?

Directing light – indoors and outdoors.

Adjusting light – precisely to personal needs. Creating atmosphere. Inside or outside: markilux is the perfect individual assistant.

UV-protection to put hands on.

Being protected from sun too intense to enjoy. Regulating the climate – and saving energy. Setting shade where it is needed – with markliux.

More space for the summer.

Redefining the summer residence. Extending the house – adding sunny rooms and making space for shade, preferrably outside. Inventing islands for recreation and relaxation: perfect with markilux.

More comfort with Somfy CONNEXOON

With the CONNEXOON® Terrace you can control your awning and also other products on and around your patio effortlessly using your smartphone or tablet.

Create your own personal patio atmosphere with lighting effects, music and an open awning.

Generate patio scenarios easily with the Snapshot function and record your favourite atmosphere setting in a photo. Activate the sun sensor function intuitively via the operating interface using just a few clicks.