Den "kompakte" stabile

markilux pergola compact I pergola compact forenes den klassiske pergolas smalle form med moderne produktdesign og højkvalitets teknik. Det kompakte, pladsbesparende markisesystem på smalle søjler og med styreskinner i siden, som hele tiden sørger for at dugen er spændt ud, er ideelt til mindre terrasser. pergola compact inviterer til at dvæle og slappe af. En attraktiv og funktionell solafskærmning. Overalt. Til alle.

Options for this free-standing awning system

Markisensystem pergola compact-Penthouse Detail Schattenplus 201810

markilux shadeplus The vertical protection against sun and prying eyes.


An “all-round” achievement The square, compact cassette protects the awning cover all round.

Pergola til små terrasser og altaner: markilux pergola compact

Always in the best light Highlighted with LED Spots attached to the cassette or LED Line in the cassette, on the guide tracks and/or in the light bar guarantee endless hours of pleasure outdoors – even long after the sun has set.

Further options for the markilux pergolas


Telescopic post For better water drainage, the front post of the markilux pergola can be lowered in a flash between 20 and 40 cm depending on the size. Can be operated by motor on request.


LED Line Light for reading or informal get-togethers, optionally in the guide tracks and / or in the cover support tube, turns your night into day.

pergola Haus am Hang Detail Quadrat Fuss 201810

Square posts As an alternative to round posts, square ones fulfil the desire for clean straight lines.

pergola Haus am Hang Detail Beschwerungskasten 201810

Ballast boxes Give your markilux pergola reliable stability, when fitting the front posts to foundations is not possible or desired.

pergola Haus am Hang Detail Handkurbel 201810

Stainless steel crank handle Bring the adjustable posts to the desired height in no time at all. Optionally operated by motor.

pergola Haus am Hang Detail LED-Spot 201810

LED Spots attached to the light bar   The spotlights provide perfect contrast lighting in the evening hours. And they can be pivoted and dimmed, of course!

The markilux pergola compact unites state-of-the-art product design with sophisticated technology. Whether dealing with sun, wind or rain, the pergola awning for smaller patios has a wide range of features and, at the right pitch, is the ideal all-round weather protection solution for a feel-good atmosphere on your patio.

  • The awning system of the markilux pergola compact has a square full cassette – the slender posts can be either square or round.

  • The front posts of the awning can be fixed to the floor of your patio or balcony. Alternatively, a version with ballast boxes is also sufficiently stable.

  • This space-saving pergola awning for smaller patios can optionally be equipped with a markilux shadeplus: an additional blind in the front profile which is extended vertically by hand in next to no time. This integrated vertical protection against the sun and prying eyes protects your favourite spot outdoors from a low-lying sun and inquisitive glances.

  • Whether an LED Line, either under the guide tracks and / or in the lighting bar, or LED Spots that can be dimmed and pivoted – the broad range of lighting options, that this pergola awning offers, attractively bathe your patio or balcony in light.

  • You can choose any colour for the awning cover of your markilux pergola compact. At the same time, a coordinated awning cover colour adds character to the look of your home. The unparalleled variety of colour shades, patterns and textured effects woven into markilux awning fabrics leaves nothing to be desired and creates the most alluring shade in the world.

  • The awning accessories and operating technology provide something extra special: choose between a standard motor drive or a radio-controlled motor. Optionally you can also have an infrared heater, a sunlight sensor or a light and wind sensor installed.

Design your ideal shading solution with our augmented reality app: it enables you to view the pergola awning for your patio or balcony directly on façade of your home and alter it in real time. Download our free app now and create a stylish free space with your own customised awning.

  • Maksimal størrelse: op til 450 x 400 cm (markisebredde x udfald)

  • Med en lukket fuldkassette på 125 x 125 mm er markilux pergola compact særligt pladsbesparende og velegnet til små terrasser og altaner. Markisedugen forsvinder fuldstændigt i kassetten, når den er kørt ind, og er således velbeskyttet.

  • Styreskinnerne i siden omslutter ligeledes dugen ved hjælp af tracfix-systemet, således at der i hver position opnås en optimal dugspænding og en vindmodstand op til vindstyrke 6 (svarer til en vindhastighed på ca. 38-48 km/h).

  • markilux pergola compact beskytter ved korrekt hældning med den vejrbestandige, regntætte dug og det integrerede regnafløb mod al slags vejr. De smalle søjler kan sænkes ned til minimumshældning – enten manuelt med håndsvinget i rustfrit stål eller med motorstyringen – så vandet endnu bedre kan løbe ned, og regnvand ikke kan samle sig.

Our pergola awning for smaller patios and balconies creates a cosy atmosphere outdoors whatever the weather. The markilux pergola compact visually enhances your home and is bound to be an eye-catcher.

Whether on a small patio or a balcony, this electric awning can be installed entirely as you imagine it and made to fit in with the building situation on site. Installation to the wall, soffit or eaves are all possible with this full cassette awning.

Buy our markilux pergola compact and make more use of your patio – whatever the weather. This designer awning provides you with first-class protection from both sun and rain, and will give you many a carefree hour outdoors.

Take a look at the reference photos of our pergola awning for smaller patios now in our picture gallery and be inspired by the wide variety of options.

Come to one of our own showrooms and get to know the outstanding features of this extremely sturdy awning live. Get to know the virtues of our designer awnings and the broad choice we have in awning cover fabrics for yourself. This is “Made in Germany”, right down to the very last detail and in the very best quality.

Our consultants will be happy to advise you about the product features of our markilux pergola compact and recommend an expert specialist dealer near you. The dealer will assess how best to install your full cassette awning on site and measure up professionally. Then you will receive a personal offer including specific pergola awning prices. The cost of delivery and installation of your custom-made awning with individual accessories will be included in the final price. Why not stop by? It will be worth it!