Den bedste 

under solen 

Livet har mange skønne sider. Og det har din terrasse nu også. 

markilux format 

Du kan bygge mure, for at beskytte dig mod nysgerrige blikke – eller du skaber dit helt personlige udendørs rum med tekstil hygge. Med markilux format har du masser af muligheder – og kan vælge blandt mere end 250 dessins. 

markilux format: A side awning as a room divider in the garden, perfect wind and privacy protection 

Whether as a single element or put together in a modular way - the markilux format is more than a privacy screen. It is an appeal to sociability - in textile form. 

Are you looking for a decorative and elegant alternative to terrace privacy protection solutions made of wood and concrete? You have found it: markilux format is a modular wind and privacy screen with a textile character. With this side screen, you benefit from the following features and options: 

  • Awning base frame can be implemented between posts - as a terrace partition, in a markilux awning system or free-standing 

  • The patented tensioning system keeps the awning cover perfectly taut. 

  • Maximum size of the individual elements up to 300 × 250 cm (width × height), limitlessly expandable 

  • Thinking around the corner: triangular solutions for markilux pergola and markilux construct up to 600 × 150 cm (width× height) 

  • Size of the format slide elements : max. 130 x 250 cm 

  • Fastening to the foundation with screws 

You are also welcome to visit one of our 

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, to get an impression of the quality of our awnings. 

markilux format lift: Height-adjustable wind and privacy protection system for patios and open spaces 

The tried-and-tested wind and privacy screen has been expanded to include a new and practice-oriented variant: markilux format "lift" - with a vertically extendable frame, optionally with a textile fabric covering or a transparent full film window (panorama window). With this awning solution you benefit from the following features: 

  • The infinitely adjustable wind protection and privacy screen system for patios and open areas, which can be expanded in modular fashion. 

  • Effective privacy and wind protection - the perfect addition to the markilux awning systems or for open spaces 

  • Ideal for use in outdoor dining areas 

  • The color can be adapted to the existing architecture, prints with i.e. individual logo, possible 

  • Space-saving room divider, versatile in application 

The best option: stay where you are. And simply operate the awning using the remote control, wall switch or wireless wall switch. 

markilux format slide: Screen elements that can be moved 

With its easily movable side elements, the markilux format slide side screen is ideal for patios, balconies and as privacy and weather protection even for carports. 

The frame sections are even suitable for interior use, for example to visually separate parts of a room or to create storage space that is out of sight. The aluminum frames covered with fabric run offset in stainless steel rails and offer up to 6 meters of lateral protection from unwanted glances and wind. 

Do you live in a semi-detached house and your terrace is adjacent to that of your neighbor? Then you might want a privacy screen in summer, behind which you can have your peace. But that does not have to be something permanent if you get along well with your neighbours. You are free to decide when you need more privacy. With the markilux format slide, you remain flexible: If you want to be undisturbed, simply slide the frames against each other or open them again when you want a clear view. 

The metal frames, which are up to 2.5m high and are covered with an awning fabric, run quietly in fixed running rails made of stainless steel. At the top they are held by slide profiles that would be attached to a ceiling or a cross beam. A maximum of five lateral sliding elements with a maximum width of 130 cm each can be combined depending on the width of the variable partition wall. 

One system. 

Many applications. 

Fixed in the outside 

Solitaire statement or limitation of the patio. 

Freestanding Indoor 

Mobile room dividing system for indoor use 

Integrated into an awning system 

Vertical protection, perfectly tailored to markilux awning systems. 

Triangular solutions for the markilux pergola 

Special solutions can also be implemented up to 600x150 cm. 

Single element 

Individual base frame made of high quality aluminum. The markilux clamp system keeps the cover under tension. More than 250 awning fabrics to choose from. 


Within the framework, limitless and flexible. Basic frame sections can be added in modular fashion. 

One film. 

Many Informations. 

High-turnover outdoor dining rooms 

with markilux format. 

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markilux format, markilux format slide and markilux format lift in specialist shops 

If you are interested, please contact us or one of our 

Retail partners in your area 

. He will take measurements on site, prepare an offer for you and take care of the delivery and installation of your new, custom-made privacy screen. Talk to us - we look forward to hearing from you and advise you on our range of awnings. 

Sun protection solutions for 

business customers 

Large area shading 

for hotels, restaurants and more 

Plan your awning with markilux team : project 

Awning planning is a matter for experts. Particularly large awnings for commercial use that have to meet complex requirements require thorough and careful planning. These planning-intensive shading solutions for public areas require the interdisciplinary work of different departments - technical and commercial. 

markilux Awning Covers. 

Made in Germany. 

The most beautiful fabric 

between heaven and earth. Create the most alluring shade in the world. 

markilux awning fabrics 

It is the colour and quality of the awning fabric that make the ambience on your patio and in your conservatory special. Colour nuances, patterns and  textures succeed in creating that uniquely special effect by virtue of their brightness and hue. As a leading manufacturer of top-quality awning fabrics with almost 100 years of experience in the manufacture of textiles, markilux offers an unparalleled variety. Among the more than 250 patterns in coordinated colour families, you are certain to find your very own and most exquisite fabric between heaven and earth. When it comes to making your choice, allow yourself  to be inspired, enthused, advised by your markilux specialist dealer ... 

Experience design to the full