Beskyttelse af fortrolige oplysninger til terrassen: markilux format, format lift og format slide

Livet har mange skønne sider. Og det har din terrasse nu også.

markilux format Du kan bygge mure, for at beskytte dig mod nysgerrige blikke – eller du skaber dit helt personlige udendørs rum med tekstil hygge. Med markilux format har du masser af muligheder – og kan vælge blandt mere end 250 dessins.

One system. Many applications.


Fixed in position, outside Solitaire statement or patio delimiter.

format freistehend indoor Büro 202104 web

Free standing, indoor Mobile room divider for indoor use.


Integrated into an awning system Vertical protection, perfectly tailored to markilux awning systems.

5010 markant pergola format Gasthof Image Seite markant _202104 web

Triangular solutions for the markilux pergola Bespoke solutions up to 700x150 cm can also be realised.

format-Haus mit Hof Detail 6000 Hauswand Terrasse 201905

Single screen Individual base frame made of high quality aluminum. The markilux clamp system keeps the cover under tension. More than 250 awning fabrics to choose from.

pergola stretch Penthouse Detail format lift seitlich 202104 web

Modular solution Within the framework, limitless and flexible. Basic frame sections can be added in modular fashion.

One film. Abundant Information.

The screen models markilux format, markilux format slide and markilux format lift in specialist shops   If you are interested, please contact us or one of our retail partners in your area. They will take measurements on site, prepare an offer for you and take care of the delivery and installation of your new, custom-made privacy screen. Talk to us - we look forward to hearing from you and advising you on our range of awnings.

Sun protection solutions for business customers

Large area shading for hotels, restaurants and more

Plan your awning with markilux team : project Awning planning is a matter for experts. Particularly large awnings for commercial use, that have to fulfil exacting demands, require thorough and careful planning. These planning-intensive shading solutions for public areas require the interdisciplinary work of different departments - technical and commercial.

markilux Awning Covers. Made in Germany.

Det flotteste stof mellem himmel og jord. Til verdens dejligste skygge.

markilux markiseduge Det er markisedugens farve og beskaffenhed, som gør atmosfæren på din terrasse og i din udestue til noget helt særligt. Farvenuancer, mønstre og struktureffekter sørger alt efter lysstyrke og farvetone for den særlige virkning. Som førende producent af markiseduge i høj kvalitet med næsten 100 års erfaring i fremstilling af tekstiler, byder markilux på enestående valgmuligheder. Blandt de mere end 250 designs i afstemte farveverdener finder du dit helt personlige, flotteste stof mellem himmel og jord. Lad dig inspirere, begejstre, rådgive af din markilux specialforhandler …

Oplev designet


Are you looking for a decorative, elegant alternative to privacy screen solutions for the patio made of wood and concrete? You’ve found it: markilux format is a modular system with a textile character providing protection against the wind and prying eyes. This side screen offers the following features and options:

  • Awning base can be implemented between posts – as a terrace partition, in a markilux awning system or free-standing

  • A patented tensioning system keeps the awning cover perfectly taut

  • Maximum size of the individual elements up to 300 × 250 cm (width × height), can be extended without limitation

  • Corner solution: triangular solutions for markilux pergola and construct up to 600 × 150 cm (width × height)

  • Size of the format slide sliding elements: max. 130 x 238 cm

  • Fastening to the foundation with screws

Visit one of our awning showrooms to see the quality of our awning solutions for yourself.

The proven wind protection and privacy screen has been expanded by the addition of a new, practical version: markilux format “lift” – with a vertically extendible frame with either a textile fabric covering or a transparent full foil window (panoramic window). This awning solution provides you with the following features:

  • Infinitely adjustable wind protection and privacy screen system for patios and open spaces, which can be expanded in modular fashion

  • Effective protection against the wind and prying eyes – the perfect addition to the markilux awning systems or for open spaces

  • Ideal for use outdoors in the hospitality industry

  • The colour can be made to suit the architectural surroundings and the cover can be printed, e.g. with a personalised logo

  • Space-saving room divider, versatile in application

Completely in keeping with the taste of the hospitality trade, the markilux format lift opens up creative possibilities for designing and organising outdoor spaces, especially in the key area of outdoor catering. Whether providing privacy or wind protection – it is quite simply a good investment, and a perfect framework for creating a cosy, feel-good atmosphere in which to spend relaxing hours outdoors

The awning cover determines the look of your new textile patio privacy screen and you are free to choose from the entire range. Whether you like white, anthracite or a completely different shade – choose your favourite colour from our large range of covers.

The translucency of your textile privacy screen varies according to the awning fabric you choose. For a better view to the outside, you can opt for a transparent panoramic window. If you wish, we can even realise your own special colour request on the basis of RAL.

If you are interested, please contact us or alternatively one of our specialist dealers in your area. They will take measurements on your premises, prepare a quotation for you and take care of the delivery and installation of your new, made-to-measure patio privacy screen. Just give us a call – we are looking forward to hearing from you and telling you all about our awning range.