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markilux 620 

95 × 110 mm, cover guidance by way of guide tracks, optionally with markilux sundrive, the integrated solar module for operating the remote-controlled motor. 

markilux 625 

125 × 135 mm, cover guidance by way of guide tracks 

Fixture type 

Face fixture 

The frame shape that matches your windows. 

Reveal fixture 

Discreet and unobtrusive. 

Options for this vertical blind. 

markilux 620 sundrive 

The integrated solar module with powerful rechargeable battery which drives the remote-controlled motor is available as an optional extra. 

Perfect cover tension 

Depending on the model, markilux vertical cassette roller blinds are equipped with special gas pistons. This gives the cover perfect tension even in larger units and under greater wind loads. 

markilux tracfix 

This lateral cover guidance system without a gap between the awning / blind cover and the guide track: guarantees a more attractive overall appearance and better wind stability. 

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