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Individual shade
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Advantages of individual shading concepts for businesses

Companies can benefit from a sunshade solution tailored to their needs from a number of perspectives. On the one hand, employee satisfaction is increased by the provision of protected outdoor areas. On the other hand, the image is improved by a uniform and representative external presentation that reflects the company's identity.

Outdoor Living at Work: Increasing Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance starts at work - more and more companies are recognizing this and attaching importance to increasing the well-being of their employees. The background is obvious and offers not only advantages for the workforce, because only highly motivated and balanced employees are able to achieve top performance.

Outdoor break room

Companies often offer their employees a place to relax within the company building, in the form of a break room or canteen. Additional added value is created by a suitable design of the outdoor area. Employees thus have various options for spending their break. The right sun and weather protection concept creates an outdoor break room that can be used almost regardless of the weather and season. In summer, markilux awnings (systems) protect against sun and heat. But also in the other seasons nothing stands in the way of using the outdoor area. With the right planning and configuration of the awning, employees are protected even in wind, rain and cooler temperatures. The markilux team : project has extensive experience in this area, so that perfect and individual planning, adapted to the requirements of the company, takes place.


Increased performance

To increase concentration and performance, it is advisable to create distance from work during breaks. When the desk or work location is left, thoughts drift away and a real switch-off becomes possible. By offering an outdoor break room, employees have a variety of options for organizing their break. In the fresh air, energy stores are replenished thanks to a sufficient supply of oxygen. Concentration improves and provides new motivation for the second half of the day.

Communication hub

By providing an outdoor break room, the employer creates a new communication hub for the company. Employees from different departments meet there and come into contact, can exchange professional and private information and enjoy the break together. The cross-departmental use of the outdoor area creates a "we" feeling that strengthens internal cohesion and employee motivation.

markilux awnings create inviting retreats for employees

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  • markilux syncra flex pergola Ref Coesfeld 012_2020
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  • markilux format as a room divider in an office
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Vertical blinds for a better (working) climate

Keeping a cool head in summer? Concentration despite high temperatures? Working comfortably without a blinding sun? All these requirements can be implemented by a well-planned sun protection concept. With markilux vertical blaind awnings, you get high-quality shading for your facade. The markilux team : project will advise you on our models, which offer a wide range of advantages thanks to countless configuration options. In addition to protection from the sun's glare, a markilux vertical blaind awning prevents the interior from heating up. Thanks to special fabrics, a view to the outside is still maintained so that daylight is not completely blocked out. This allows you to provide your employees with optimal working conditions in your company's premises even during the warm season.

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Successful implementations of team : projects: shading solutions for windows & facades

  • Building of the markilux headquarters and showroom in Emsdetten
  • Gray vertical blaind awning markilux 620 as sun protection at the office of a carpentry.
  • Reference object: waiting area with brown leather sofa and armchair in an office building. The seating area is in close proximity to windows, which have vertical blaind awning markilux 620 with gray translucent fabric cover.
  • Flat roof building with wooden facade, window shading by vertical blind markilux 710 in gray.
  • markilux 6000 776 620 Ref Emsdetten 031
  • Reference picture of a markilux 990 in anthracite on a balcony in Emsdetten

Sun protection as part of corporate identity

The external image of a company is not only determined by marketing and PR, but also by the design of the company building. The physical appearance of a company represents its identity and values, so the building should also fit into the corporate design.

Through the individual planning of your outdoor area or your facade, the sun and weather protection integrates into the desired overall image of your corporate identity. The markilux team : project advises and supports you in planning your CI-compliant shading. The colour on demand service enables a design that picks up on your corporate colors. The company logo can also be printed on the awning cover, so that the awning contributes to the branding of your (employer) brand.

Reference picture of a mx 730 with a black frame and a cream colored lettered fabric cover. The picture comes from Graz.

More information about planning and implementation of large area shading with team : project



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