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The in-house markilux awning exhibitions are pure inspiration for prospective awning owners: We present our elegant awnings in an impressive variety of colors and models in a bright and friendly atmosphere.

Your advantages of the in-house markilux showrooms:

first class awnings and excellent service.

A visit to one of the in-house markilux awning exhibitions is definitely worthwhile: We await you in a friendly atmosphere in which you can take a leisurely look at our awnings up close and experience them "live in action". You also have the opportunity to take a close look at our first-class awning fabrics and to familiarize yourself with the technology of our awnings.

You have a total of six in-house markilux awning showrooms at your disposal: in Emsdetten, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Lörrach near Basel and Salzburg. In addition to our extensive range of awnings, we offer you a wide range of selected living and outdoor accessories in our markilux awning exhibitions - to match our awnings.

The in-house markilux awning exhibitions are designed with great attention to detail and give you an initial insight into our diverse product portfolio. You can view all of our markilux awning exhibitions in advance on a 3D-Tour: Stroll through our awning exhibitions virtually before you visit us in person. We look forward to you.

What else do our in-house markilux awning exhibitions offer you?

  • Numerous awning models fully assembled, a much greater variety than in your regional markilux specialist retailer

  • Long opening hours, including on Saturday

  • Comprehensive awning advice from our trained specialist advisors directly under the awnings for patios and balconies, conservatories and patio roofs

  • Consulting-intensive solutions are simply explained and presented to you

  • Interactive live experience of our first-class awnings including additional equipment, such as markilux shadeplus, radio remote control , infrared heater and awnign lighting
  • Good traffic connections to all showrooms

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