Truly immense and with impressive prospects

The new markilux pergola stretch opens up entirely new possibilities as far as solar and wet weather protection are concerned and  therefore also for outdoor living. The cover is perfectly integrated into the minimalistic, high value awning system. The rhythmical, space-saving cover folding technology makes it possible to shade large areas and creates a special and impressive atmosphere. Manifold customisation options mean that the markilux pergola stretch will invariably catch your eye and they demonstrate that it is well prepared for a comfortable and relaxed season – al fresco.

markilux pergola stretch:  Schnell und flexibel kann auf Witterungsbedingungen reagiertund das gewünschte Ambiente gesteuert werden

Attractive protection majestically full of fresh air The markilux pergola stretch stands for presence: an even larger area shaded effectively and protected from both wind and weather. Especially for the gastronomy branch, it offers a multitude of possibilities to fulfil the patron’s penchant to experience al fresco dining. Utilise the many options to react quickly to the ambient weather conditions and create an enticing atmosphere for your patrons: effortlessly, practically. And visually it’s a real “eye-catcher”, too, along the lines of: “Great prospects – as far as the eye can see”.

markilux pergola stretch:  Möglichkeiten für eine stimmungsvolle Beleuchtung, die Montage von Wärmestrahlern und eine große Auswahl an Tuchfarben

State of the Art – in comfort, light and colour The option to fit atmosphere-creating lighting, heaters and a broad choice of fabric patterns, the markilux pergola stretch can be personalised and made to provide more comfort in manifold ways. The perfect ambience in which to spend cosy hours together or with family, friends or guests. And it invariably gives a great performance, regardless.

markilux pergola stretch:  Vertikal-Kassettenmarkisen zum Schutz vor tiefstehender Sonne und Wind, optional mit Panoramafenster

Vertical cassette roller blinds offer protection against wind and low-lying sun, optionally fitted with a Panorama window

markilux pergola stretch:  Wärmestrahler am Querträger

A heater fitted to a cross-beam

markilux pergola stretch:  LED-Beleuchtung in den Tuchstützprofilen und im Querträger

LED lighting in the cover support profiles and in the cross-beam

markilux pergola stretch:  markilux format als seitlicher Wind- und Sichtschutz

markilux format as lateral wind protection and privacy screen

markilux pergola stretch: Integrierte Regenrinne für sicheren Wasserablauf

An integrated gutter reliably ensures water evacuation

markilux pergola stretch:  in den Markisenrahmen integriertes System-Schutzdach

Safe and sure Thanks to the sturdy system coverboard, harmoniously integrated into the awning frame, the cover, when retracted, is protected from inclement weather and soiling.

  • Maximum dimensions 7 × 7 m

  • Water drainage assured – even at the minimum pitch of 5°

  • Awning cover made of UV-resistant, waterproof and highly flame-retardant PVC-coated tarpaulin material or markilux perla FR

  • System coverboard protects the retracted awning cover

  • Seamless fixture thanks to the wall sealing profile

  • Horizontally aligned cover support profiles provide particulary high areal stability

  • Large-area awning system – up to 25 × 7 m in 5 fields: versatile sun, wind and wet weather protection

  • Personally tailored project advice for the gastronomy branch and other commercial enterprises by markilux team:project

  • The pre-fitted guide tracks, lighting and heaters make for safe and simple installation

  • A large choice of lighting and heating options as well as wind protection and privacy screens at the side

Awards for the markilux pergola stretch

German Design Award Special Mention 2021 für die markilux pergola stretch

2021: German Design Award Special Mention 2021 

The German Design Award has been presented since 2012 by the German Design Council in Frankfurt am Main. It is one of the most recognised design competitions worldwide. Founded at the initiative of the German Bundestag in 1953, this award is intended to honour German design and thus to present its added brand value for companies.

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