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Large-scale awning systems for a successful playing season

Outdoor sports are very popular today. Golf is also gaining more and more followers and is now considered a popular sport where you can work up a good sweat in the summer. Players are all the more pleased when, after their round of golf, they can catch their breath on a terrace of the clubhouse or club restaurant that is protected from heat, wind and rain. Our product portfolio includes special awnings that cover large areas and are therefore perfect for golf courses. For the planning and implementation of your individual large area shading, our markilux team : project.

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Relaxation after a game of golf

Attractive golf courses offer a combination of sport and relaxation. After all, the round of the golf course is more demanding than outsiders might imagine at first glance. Besides hitting a few balls, the golfer covers several kilometres from hole to hole. In addition to a high degree of concentration, a certain level of fitness is therefore also an advantage. After a successful and at times sweaty game of golf, club members look forward to some relaxation and a change of pace. So much the better when the outdoor area of the golf course with its large sheltered sun terrace invites you to enjoy and linger.

Club catering also attractive for outs iders

Due to the extensive parkland and green surroundings, the outdoor gastronomy of a golf club is often attractive to external guests as well. It is therefore worth designing the outdoor areas in such a way that guests feel welcome and can enjoy the view of the beautiful, expansive golf course. With markilux sun shading solutions, an inviting and modern ambience is created that offers protection from heat, wind and rain. The terrace can thus be used regardless of the weather. With the right sun and weather protection, the outdoor area also becomes more usable for private events - for example for large birthday parties or weddings.

Award cer emonies in a protected setting

In addition to the positive effects for the catering trade, an awning system tailored to individual needs has the advantage that award ceremonies can also be held in rainy weather. In addition to the actual function of sun protection, our awning fabric collection includes fabrics that offer special protection against rain thanks to their waterproof properties. So if it rains, the award ceremony doesn't have to fall through. Instead, the location can be changed without further ado so that the tournament winners can be crowned on the covered terrace.

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