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markilux pergola stretch

markilux - Designer Awnings made in Germany for Australia

Your awning out of one million configuration options.

Your markilux awning is as unique as you wish. More than 45 awnings with over 250 timeless fabrics and lots of accessories give you the opportunity to create the awning that just fits you. Lighting, heating, radio control and many more additional features will enrich your life on your deck, balcony or in your garden - day and night.

markilux awning fabrics

The widest variety of colors and designs

Modern colours, classic designs and patterns. markilux fabrics are unique. With more than 250 designs, markilux offers you a selection worth exploring.

markilux designer awnings

Design and function in perfection

Every single markilux awning combines design, quality and technology to create a unique solution - fitting for your needs. Discover our products and configure your unique markilux awning.

markilux awnings with lighting

Options and extras

Additional lighting, comfortable operation and more extras like the radiant heater leave nothing to be desired and make the outdoors a pleasure, even if the sun doesn't shine.

markilux - Awnings made in Germany for Australia

Markilux is one of the largest German brand names in awnings. For more than a quarter of a century, we have been making sure that life on your patio, balcony or veranda is even more enjoyable.

We bring two skill sets to the task; on the one hand, our technical understanding of design and engineering and on the other hand our highly developed knowledge of fabrics. We design and manufacture every part of our appealing, strong and highly durable frames and mechanisms in-house - to measure, for your own personal place in the sun. The stunning awning covers (skins) available for your markilux - which can be ordered separately - are also designed and produced by us in-house.

It is not by chance that markilux is a market leader - our clients consider us the experts of attractive sun shading. Blinds and awnings made in Germany for Australia.

A powerful design is all the rage

With the design of its awnings, markilux has time and again shown square edges and straight lines as well as round edges and shapes. It seems that this combination has appealed to their customers. Therefore the look of our latest folding arm awning the markilux 970 is simple and square.

Contemporary architecture is one thing above all: purist. Straight lines, a clear-cut design, no frills to be seen. Nothing distracts the eye. This form of lifestyle culture conveys peace to the senses. It makes sense to adopt any additional detail to complement the architecture.

Patio or Conservatory? Sun protection or privacy protection?

If you are not sure what you are looking for, our product guide will help you. Choose a theme and be inspired - there is much to discover!

More time outdoors

And, if you need it to be a little more weatherproof ... Awnings make outdoor living possible in almost any weather To achieve that little bit more in the way of all-round weather protection, markilux offers a number of multi-functional products.


Awning inspiration: design ideas for your Outdoor-Living

Gone are the days when terrace roofing was limited to its pure function. Today, sun protection is an essential element in the design of patios and balconies.  Here you can see how a beautiful design with markilux awnings works.

Get inspired

Awning covers “Made in Germany”

We manufacture awning covers that maintain their shape and colour for years, and offer your home that special something. The high-tech fabric is manufactured at the markilux production facility in Emsdetten, Germany, in accordance with strict quality standards. The yarns are dyed using a process we ourselves developed and show their effect in up to 16 million distinctive colours with outstanding luminosity and colour intensity. This has resulted in ­functional textiles, which have set standards in terms of quality, UV protection, ease of care and ­appearance. markilux awning covers are available in the qualities “sunsilk” or “sunvas” or as fabrics in our markilux specials collection serving specific requirements.

Awning covers

Awnings for patio and balcony

The definition of the perfect awning is basically simple: location and personal taste are the two determining parameter. In general, there are cassette awnings, semi-cassette-awnings, open style awnings, side screens to choose from.


Finding the right outdoor awning to suit your space

Talk to any proud Australian homeowner about shading solutions and you can be sure they will rank fairly high on the list of home improvement priorities. There’s one obvious reason for this; the Australian climate, which is nothing short of extreme in the summer months. However, whether we’re talking folding arm awnings, pergola awnings, retractable awnings, outdoor window awnings or just outdoor awnings in general, it’s also fair to say that awnings are as much a design choice as a functional one these days.

Find the right outdoor awning

Entertain Outdoors

Living in Australia, outdoor entertaining is a big part of our culture, and whether in the hot summer or the chilly winter, awnings provide the perfect shade and shelter for your family and friends. Awnings are a big purchase, they’re not something you need to regularly purchase so there are plenty of things to consider to make sure you make the right choice. Think of your home awning as an investment for your outdoor area, something that is essential during your summer, can help keep the heat in during the colder months, and can save you when it rains.

Entertain Outdoors

Awnings for Waterside Locations

Many Australians aspire to waterside living, particularly in the summertime, when living along the coastline represents an enticing reprieve from the heat. Overlooking the picturesque vista of the Australian ocean is a reality for some, however, living near the water does have minor drawbacks, such as the issue of corrosion and damage to your window coverings.

Awnings for waterside locations

our awards

German Design Awards for markilux

German Design Award

2021: markilux pergola stretch

2021: Selection MX (special mention)

2020: markilux MX-3

2019: markilux markant & markilux visutex (special mention)

2018: markilux 770/870, 776/876, 779/879, pergola compact & Excellent Communications Design

2017: markilux 970

2016: markilux MX-1 & MX-1 compact (special mention)

2014: 8800 & 8850 (special mention)

iF Design Awards for markilux

iF Design Award

2017: markilux 970

2015: markilux MX-1 & MX-1 compact

2013: markilux pergola, 8800 & 8850

1998: markilux 1600 & 1650

reddot Design Awards for markilux

reddot Design Award

2017: markilux pergola compact, 770/870, 776/876, 779/879

2015: markilux MX-1 & MX-1 compact

2012: markilux 1700 & 1710

2009: markilux 930 (Honourable Mention)

2006: markilux 6000

Iconic Awards for markilux

Iconic Awards - Innovative Architecture

2018: markilux markant

2019: markilux MX-3

Iconic Awards for markilux

Iconic Awards - Innovative Material

2018: markilux perfotex

German Design Price for markilux

Deutscher Designpreis

2007: markilux 6000 (Nominee)

interior innovation awards for markilux

interior innovation award

2015: markilux MX-1 & MX-1 compact

Plus x awards for markilux

Plus X Award

2017: Most innovative brand of the year

2016: markilux 970 (Innovation, High Quality, Design, Convenience & Functionality)

2015: Best design brand

2014: markilux planet (Best product)

Top Hotel Star Awards for markilux

Top Hotel Star Award

2019: markilux markant (Silver)

2015: markilux pergola (Silver)