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Social facilities such as retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals are particularly affected by the impact of hot temperatures and strong sunlight. The consequences of climate change pose a threat to vulnerable people. Social institutions should therefore start thinking about good sun protection today. The elderly, the sick and people in need of care require good protection from intense sunlight and high temperatures.

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In order to protect sick and vulnerable people, an overall concept is required as a measure against sun and heat. Various awning systems are available if you want to make your social facility climate-resilient. markilux project supports you in arming yourself against the consequences of climate change and taking precautions to minimize the impact on your residents and patients. Use external blinds to protect window fronts and glass surfaces. Without window shading, the sun's rays enter the building unhindered, causing room temperatures to rise so quickly that vulnerable people suffer. Folding-arm awnings, pergolas or free-standing awning systems make it possible to use outdoor retreats even in intense sunshine. Protection from UV rays and overheating included.

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Complete concepts for business customers are the core competence of markilux project, which is why our experts support you with your sun protection project. markilux project is your reliable partner for commercial sun protection and accompanies you through all phases of awning planning - from the beginning to completion and beyond: from determining your needs and the local conditions, through planning to implementation and finally project completion.

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Frequently asked questions about
sun shading in retirement/nursing homes and hospitals

We offer a wide range of different sun shading products for various applications in social facilities. If you are looking for sun protection for outdoor areas, folding-arm awnings, pergolas or free-standing awning systems are all possible options. External blinds can be used to protect the interior of retirement and care homes from excessive sunlight and glare.

If you want to shade your window front with external blinds, you have the option of controlling all awnings centrally. The awnings can be programmed to be raised and lowered at specific times. Control that reacts to changes in the weather is also possible.

As retirement and care homes often become the residents' home, the facility should be designed to make them feel welcome. This also includes designing an inviting outdoor area and providing adequate sun protection. This is because vulnerable people are often less able to tolerate high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Solar radiation also increases the temperature indoors. external blinds can help here. They prevent the sun's rays from entering the interior, significantly reducing the heat input.

After initial consultations and design planning, we are happy to produce 3D visualizations. This gives you a good impression of the shadow solutions for your retirement home. Especially when it comes to an overall concept for retirement or nursing homes that changes the appearance of the building, a visualization in advance is helpful in making a decision. In addition to visualizing the awnings on the building, shadows can be simulated.

Our awning systems can be supplemented with side elements for all-round protection. This creates a wind-protected area. For even more comfort, choose the infrared heater option for your sun shading for retirement and care homes.

There are always funding programs for social facilities such as retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals. Please consult the government websites online for up-to-date information on possible funding for climate adaptation in social facilities.

Vulnerable groups in particular, such as residents in retirement and nursing homes or hospitals, are at risk from high temperatures and direct sunlight. Heat often poses a health risk for the elderly, the sick and the weak. For this reason, precautions should be taken to prevent the interior of social facilities from heating up. Shade-providing measures are also essential to ensure a safe and pleasant stay in the outdoor areas of hospitals, retirement and nursing homes.

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