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for an unobstructed panoramic view over Bielefeld

Reference story:
The Bernstein Bielefeld
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The Bernstein:
Restaurant with large roof terrace

Manager of the restaurant TheBernstein

"It was very important to us that we find a weather-resistant solution so that our guests don't have to run straight inside in the event of light showers, but can remain seated outside in peace and quiet, and which also simply provides us as restaurateurs with planning security."

Maren Kauffmann
, Manager The Bernstein

markilux markant
for "The Bernstein"

When redesigning the outdoor area of "The Bernstein" restaurant, the flexible freestanding awning markilux markant was chosen. Thanks to the versatile configuration options, an individual sun and weather protection is created that exactly meets the requirements that the restaurant management placed on a sun protection solution. Due to its location on the roof, outdoor catering brings with it special requirements in terms of stability. The markilux markant is a robust model that brings with it the appropriate statics for sufficient safety - even at higher wind speeds.

Sun protection
tailored to individual requirements

Holistic concept:
interior & exterior in harmony

markilux designer awnings impress with the perfect interplay between form and function. Individual configurations from over a million different combinations enable a functional and visually elegant connection of outdoor and indoor areas. The awning blends harmoniously into the overall appearance of the building and becomes an additional eye catcher. In addition to the perfect appearance, which is matched to the architecture, markilux sun protection is oriented to the individual needs and local conditions of a property.

In the case of "The Bernstein" restaurant, the interior was extensively redesigned. In order to create a connection between inside and outside, the interior design served as inspiration and basis for the selection of the appropriate awning system. The optimal solution was quickly found with the freestanding awning of the markilux markant model. In addition to the design aspect, the free-standing awning brings further advantages for the design of the roof terrace.

Stable windbreak
for the roof terrace

For an insight into the process of installing the eight markilux markants over the roofs of Bielefeld, watch the timelapse video of the installation.

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On the roof terrace of the Bernstein - 25 meters above the Jahnplatz in Bielefeld - it can get a bit windy from time to time. On the one hand, this requires an awning model with a secure stand. The freestanding awning markilux markant is a perfect solution for this condition, because thanks to a concrete foundation or wall connection (not available here), the wind cannot harm the product. On the other hand, thanks to the integration of vertical cassette awnings and side privacy and wind protection, guests remain cozy outside even in light gusts.

Reference image of mx markant with radiant heaters and lighting options on a roof terrace in Bielefeld

Rain protection
offers planning security for restaurateurs

In addition to protection from sun and wind, the awning roof also provides a safe place to sit when it rains. Thus, markilux markant covers many different weather conditions and provides a safe place to sit - whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Even during a brief rain shower, guests can remain seated outside. This offers both the guests a relaxed visit to the restaurant and the restaurateur a higher degree of planning security. Sun and weather protection makes outdoor catering a safe business to build on.

Clear view

Due to the location of the restaurant - above the rooftops of the city - another requirement for the sun shading solution was to maintain the beautiful view. The horizontal roof of the markilux markant and the panoramic windows on the sides continue to offer restaurant guests a unique view over Bielefeld. Thanks to the various design options, all of the Bernstein's wishes could be fulfilled. A cozy atmosphere, which invites to linger long in the Rooftopbar, could be created. The fact that the terrace is in use every day pleases not only guests, but also the staff. Because the guests accept the outdoor seating very well.

Reference picture mx markant with radiant heaters on a roof terrace in Bielefeld, Germany

Comfort factor
light and warmth

Complementary equipment such as lighting and infrared heaters also help to create a cozy ambience. Even in the evening and in colder seasons, warmth is a crucial feel-good factor that helps to prolong enjoyment on the roof terrace. So low temperatures are no longer an obstacle to enjoying life outside to the fullest.

In addition to warmth, the appropriate lighting creates a cozy atmosphere. The various lighting options provided by markilux markant blend stylishly into the design concept of the restaurant. The attractive lighting solution builds a bridge to the elegant interior design. The interior and exterior thus create a harmonious overall picture.

Reference image of mx markant with radiant heaters and lighting options on a roof terrace in Bielefeld

Smooth assembly
thanks to teamwork

From the individual planning of the sun protection project of "The Bernstein" to the implementation of the project, the cooperation between the restaurant,

, the markilux specialist partner and various local companies in steel construction, timber construction and electrical work took place hand in hand. Responsible for the organization of the installation was the markilux specialist partner Arno Beyer GmbH. Thanks to good teamwork, the installation was completed within four days.

in form and function

The freestanding awning markilux markant fits perfectly into your design - whether freestanding or integrated into the existing architecture. Thanks to the various design options in terms of color, cover pattern, optional wind or privacy protection, lighting or infrared heaters, the result is a harmonious overall appearance of your outdoor area.

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