Successful sun protection project:
year-round use of outdoor catering facilities

Reference story:
Kern Winery
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The Kern Winery and
the dream of a new outdoor area

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"We wanted to use the courtyard of our winery to further expand our catering business. We opted for a sun and weather protection solution from markilux so that we could stay open for longer, ideally all year round."

Michael Kern
, owner of the winery of the same name, on the origins of the project

High-turnover outdoor gastronomy
can be used all year round thanks to large-area shading

From vision to implementation

The desire was to create an inviting place of coziness and enjoyment. This includes recurring structures that create harmony, protected retreat corners, but also the possibility of being able to come together with a convivial round at a large table.

Whereas in the past the outdoor area could only be used in the summer months when the weather was fine, thanks to the markilux sun and weather protection systems installed as part of the project, outdoor catering is now possible almost all year round. In addition to the expansion of the gastronomic outdoor season, this is also associated with an increase in capacity: more space for more guests.

  • Reference picture of the Kern winery showing the initial situation without awning installation.
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  • Reference image of the retracted awnings winery Kern
  • Reference picture of the Kern winery with a markilux markant stretch over the outdoor area

1. contact
markilux team : project

The first contact between the Kern winery and markilux team : project took place in mid-2021 via R+T Stuttgart, the world's leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors and sun protection.

As part of its trade fair planning for 2022, R+T launched a new synergy initiative for the Stuttgart Trade Fair and Congress Center: R+T projects. The aim was to promote installation projects between the well-known R+T product category suppliers and trade fair exhibitors from other sectors or other project owners and to stage their implementation in the form of a marketing campaign at R+T 2022.

As a kind of superordinate mediator, R+T first issued an exclusive sun protection tender to the exhibitors at the Stuttgart trade fair for this purpose. This is how the Kern winery and the markilux team : project found each other.

2. basics | preliminary planning:
appointment on site

During the determination of the basics and the preliminary planning, our awning experts check the requirements and installation situations at the customer's site and, if necessary, via additional online meetings, and advise them on the overall performance requirements.

How the basic planning in the project "Kern Winery" proceeded, you can see in the video below. In it, Mr. Kern explains to us what content was discussed at the first meeting on site. He describes how the team : project introduced him to the different shading systems with their advantages and disadvantages - of course taking into account his personal wishes and requirements for a sun protection solution for his winery. The choice of materials, i.e. frame types and fabric covers, were also part of the preliminary planning.

3. design planning:
technical drawing | visualization | presentation

With the first design planning, the markilux team : project enters its creative phase. Initial ideas for shading options according to customer requirements and local conditions are presented.

In discussions with Mr. Kern, the markilux team : project first recorded the various requirements and also went into visual detail. In a next step, the design planning was presented to the restaurateur in an online meeting. In addition to the presentation of initial details, insights into the visualization were possible, which meant that some changes could already be taken into account for further planning.

For the first time, 3D animation was used in this project, which enables different perspectives. By means of computer-aided photomontages and animated visualizations, shadow courses can also be simulated depending on the selected awning model. This makes it possible to determine the most effective location and the perfect size for the sun protection.

4. implementation planning:
presentation | check technical drawing | cost estimate

After the exchange between team : project and Mr. Kern, the planning could become more concrete. Within the scope of the fine measurement, the dimensions were checked again on site. Subsequently, the dimensions were transferred to the design department, where the final technical drawings were created and on the basis of which a concrete cost estimate could be derived.

5. offer and 6. award:
customer approval | commissioning

After the completion of the execution phase, a quotation with detailed installation and cost planning was submitted to the Kern winery. After the order was placed, the specialised markilux partner, Kehrbeck Rollladen- und Sonnenschutz-Technik GmbH, was able to start with the implementation under the organisational management of team : projects.

The final installation was carried out with technical support from markilux team : service, our technical customer service.

7. execution:
process controlling | assembly

To ensure that the installation and assembly of the sun shading systems at the Kern winery went smoothly, production and logistics had to be planned with pinpoint accuracy. The markilux team : project was also responsible for this task and for monitoring the entire process flow.

8. project completion:
Handover | Acceptance

After the installation was completely finished, Mr. Kern, the markilux specialist partner Kehrbeck and the team : project came together again for a final inspection.

Mr. Kern also received professional instruction on the functions of his new sun and weather protection.

The project of a well thought-out shading of 280 square meters was successful all around. Various markilux products ensure that the Kern winery can receive guests regardless of the weather. The models used are markilux markant, a large awning system consisting of markilux syncra and the pergola stretch as well as markilux format lift. Thanks to the additional equipment - infrared heaters and LED lighting - a cozy atmosphere is created that invites guests to linger for a long time.

The following markilux awning systems were
installed at the Kern winery:



A strong collaboration
for an implementation in a class of its own

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  • Ambience with high turnover

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