markilux 900
markilux 900
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Modern apartment building with several balconies, each equipped with a markilux 900 clamp awning. The awnings are visually uniform with green fabric cover. The inclination angle of the awning differs depending on the balcony.

Novelty in the category "Balcony sun protection"

Clamp awning with secure footing

Optimum shading with the best view

Individually adjustable inclination angle

Clamp awning markilux 900

Designed for city balconies – practical, functional, versatile – ideal for both rental apartments and freehold flats. Thanks to the robust, easy-to-install clamp-in posts, the markilux 900 turns every balcony into a well-protected and stylish outdoor area. The folding arm technology in combination with the individually set pitch of the awning allows a clearer view outside. It ensures optimum solar protection, reduces the heat on the balcony and in so doing also improves the climate in neighbouring rooms. The new designer wedge-in awning markilux 900 – provides the best prospects for challenging balconies.

Your advantages

First wedge-in awning with folding arm technology and Bionic tendon

Space-saving solution up to 400 cm wide and a cover drop of 200 cm

Pleasant shading with a clear view outside

Excellent quality, attractive price

Detailed view of the half-opened full cassette of the clamp awning markilux 900. The stone-grey metallic-colored awning is attached with clamping columns between the balcony ceiling and the floor.

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markilux 900

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of the markilux 900

Best prospects for challenging balconies.

The markilux 900 clamp awning is the ideal sun protection for the balcony. Whether small or large - the clamp awning fits on any balcony. Thanks to the clamping columns, installation is uncomplicated and less time-consuming than attaching classic folding-arm awnings. This makes the markilux 900 clamp awning a good option for providing shade on balconies, especially in rented apartments. The clamping columns make it easy to take the awning with you, even if you move house, and it can be quickly reassembled on the new balcony.

Balcony awnings often only fulfill the function of providing shade. The markilux 900 clamp awning is different: it offers optimum protection from the sun and cuts an excellent figure at the same time. The filigree cassette gives the balcony awning a certain lightness, which is further emphasized by the absence of drop arms. While classic clamp awnings use drop arms to tension the fabric cover, the markilux 900 features the tried-and-tested articulated arm technology. The folding arms allow the balcony to be completely shaded even at a slight inclination angle. The best conditions for enjoying the summer on your balcony in the shade and with the best view.

Technical information
markilux 900

Awning type

Cassette awning

Maximum width x extension

400 x 200 cm



Cassette depth x height

105 x 225 mm

Pitch range

5° – 70°


manual operation

hard-wired motor

radio-controlled motor

smart home

Arm technology

bionic tendon

available fabric covers



smart art

perla FR

Fixture type

top fixture

wedge-in accro posts

Wind resistance class | corresponds to wind force

2 | 5 → 28 – 37 km/h

Lighting options




frame colours

traffic white, RAL 9016

stone grey metallic, 5215

anthracite metallic, 5204

non-standard RAL colours

markilux awning tools.
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Through our years of experience as awning experts, we have developed many useful tools over the years that should make choosing the right awning as easy as possible for you:

  • With the markilux awning comparison you can easily & quickly compare all awning models and find the right one for you.
  • With the markilux awning configurator you individualize the awning, according to your very own wishes and can request it directly from the specialist partner.
  • With the markilux Augmented Reality App you can individualize your desired awning and visualize it live on your house wall using the latest AR technology.
  • With our markilux awning fabric finder you can overview our entire awning fabric range and order fabric samples directly to your home.

about the markilux 900

A clamp awning such as the markilux 900 offers various advantages as balcony shading. By attaching the awning using clamping columns, there is no need for time-consuming installation. A markilux specialist partner ensures that the clamp awning is securely in place. With just a few screws, it is fixed between the floor and ceiling using two clamping columns with adjustable force and can be removed just as quickly. It can also be specially secured on higher floors. With this awning, moving is very easy. This also makes the space-saving sun protection attractive for tenants or apartment owners.

In contrast to conventional balcony clip-on awnings, the markilux 900 has the proven markilux folding arm technology. This offers a clear view instead of annoying drop arms. Even when the balcony is completely shaded, the view to the outside remains open. This is because the markilux 900 only needs to be tilted a maximum of five degrees. In contrast, the usual drop-arm awnings require a good 45 degrees. Together with their side arms, this severely restricts the view.

Conventional clamp awnings are equipped with drop arms to tension the fabric cover. This means that, on the one hand, a large inclination is required for shading and, on the other hand, the drop arms restrict the view. With the markilux 900, you can enjoy shade and a view at the same time without having to compromise. One advantage of the markilux 900 is its stable construction in an attractive and modern design. You can choose from over 200 cover patterns and three frame colors (traffic white RAL 9016, stone grey metallic 5215 and anthracite metallic 5204).

A special feature of the markilux 900 is the full cassette. Protected by the full cassette, the awning cover remains beautiful and visually appealing for a long time, which is often not the case with simple drop-arm awnings. The operation is also impressive, because in addition to the classic winding handle, you can also control your markilux 900 balcony awning by motor.

In the "balcony sun protection" category, we offer small folding-arm awnings. One special feature is our new markilux 900 clamp awning. markilux 900 is a good sun protection solution for rented and owner-occupied apartments thanks to its relatively simple installation, which can be carried out without major structural work. The awning is quickly and securely fixed between the floor and ceiling using clamping columns and can easily be taken with you if you move house.

Installing the markilux 900 is relatively straightforward. To ensure the necessary security at any height, the clamping columns are additionally fixed with individual screws. Compared to installation on the façade, ceiling or rafters, significantly fewer drill holes are required, which also do not interfere as much with the building structure.

The markilux 900 clamp awning is attached between the floor and balcony ceiling using two clamping columns. Thanks to the adjustable clamping mechanism, where the uprights are attached with just a few screws, there is no need for the usual wall or ceiling mounting of folding-arm awnings.

If you would like to install the markilux 900 without clamping pillars, you can choose the top fixture bracket.

The markilux 900 is stable and secure thanks to the sophisticated clamping mechanism. The clamping columns are also fixed in place with individual screws. The balcony awning can be additionally secured on higher floors.

The markilux 900 can be individually configured. Design the clamp awning according to your wishes: with over 200 cover patterns and three frame colors (traffic white RAL 9016, stone grey metallic 5215 and anthracite metallic 5204), there are many designs to choose from. In terms of size, widths of between two and four meters are possible with draws of one and a half and two meters. This means the awning blends in perfectly on any balcony.

The markilux 900 can be controlled manually using a winding handle or electrically using a motor. In addition to operation by wall switch, remote control or weather-dependent sensors, integration into the smart home is also possible.

An inclination of 5° is sufficient to provide adequate shade on the balcony. However, if you want more privacy, a markilux specialist partner can have the balcony sun protection inclined up to 70 degrees. The extended fabric cover then also serves as a balcony privacy screen.

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