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Fenstermarkise 730-776 Mehrfamilienhaus Image 201810

markilux drop-arm cassette awning. Exceptional. Eye-catching.

An elegant drop-arm awning for windows and balconies: the markilux 730/830 A cassette awning with classic appearance that protects against the sun and still permits a clear view outside. The drop arms with gas pistons tension the cover in an angle of  up to 140 degrees to the window. The front profile with spring-loaded closing mechanism ensures the profile finishes tight against the underside of the cassette. Telescopic accro bars are optionally available for installation on a balcony.


Options for this drap-arm awning 

Fenstermarkise 730-Detail Haus mit Reet-201911

markilux 730 Square cassette, 95 × 95 mm

Fenstermarkise 830-Detail Haus mit Reet-201911

markilux 830 Round cassette, Ø 115 mm