markilux 620/625
markilux 620/625
View from the garden of a white flat roof house equipped with black vertical cassette awnings on the first floor and light vertical cassette awnings as window shades above.
Office building: dark brick, flat roof, exterior staircase, light gray vertical blaind awnings markilux 625 as sun protection for the interior. Shading of the complete window front.

Perfect cover tension.

Cover tensioner by gravity.

markilux 620 sundrive.

Solar module available to drive the radio-controlled motor.

Vertical blaind awning markilux 620/625

If you value stylish furnishings, you certainly won't compromise on the view from the outside. A markilux vertical cassette awning is the perfect symbiosis of functionality and design. When extended, the perfectly tensioned fabric cover provides optimal sun, privacy and glare protection. When retracted, the awning cover is completely enclosed by the cassette and thus protected from the weather and dirt.

Your advantages

Mounting options: Wall mounting, reveal fixture

Cloth guide with guide track

Cover tensioning by gravity

Different cassette sizes, depending on model

Detail view of vertical cassette awning markilux 620: gray frame, light yellow fabric cover, wall mounted.

of the markilux 620/625

As individual as my home: My house. My style. My markilux.

Technical information
markilux 620/625

Awning type

Vertical cassette awning

Maximum width x extension

400 x 300 cm


guide tracks (tracfix)

Area to be shaded

12 sqm

Cassette depth x height

95 x 110 mm


hard-wired motor

radio-controlled motor

smart home

Cover guidance system

guide tracks (tracfix)

Cover tension


available fabric covers




smart art


perla FR

Fixture type

face, reveal

Wind resistance class | corresponds to wind force

3 | 6 → 38 – 48 km/h

frame colours

traffic white, RAL 9016

metallic aluminium, RAL 9006

grey brown, similar to RAL 8019

off-white textured finish, 5233

stone grey metallic, 5215

anthracite metallic, 5204

Havana brown textured finish, 5229

Non-standard RAL colours

markilux 620/625 reference gallery.
Successful implementations at customers.

  • Reference object: Cube building with bricks and white plaster. A markilux 6000 cassette awning hangs above the roof terrace. markilux 620 vertical cassette blinds are mounted in front of the windows.
  • Reference object: waiting area with brown leather sofa and armchair in an office building. The seating area is in close proximity to windows, which have vertical blaind awning markilux 620 with gray translucent fabric cover.
  • Reference object: brick building with vertical blainds markilux 620 with gray fabric cover.
  • Gray vertical blaind awning markilux 620 as sun protection at the office of a carpentry.
  • Vertical blaind awning markilux 620 with white frame and gray fabric cover attached to a round conservatory of a family house.
  • Flat roof house with several levels. The windows are shaded by vertical blaind awnings, markilux 620.
  • Office building: dark brick, flat roof, exterior staircase, light gray vertical blaind awnings markilux 625 as sun protection for the interior. Shading of the complete window front.
  • Office building: dark brick, flat roof, exterior staircase, light gray vertical blaind awnings markilux 625 as sun protection for the interior. Shading of the complete window front.
  • View from the winter garden of an alpine pasture to the Alps. The windows are partially shaded with the vertical blind markilux 625, the view is preserved, the mountains shine through the fabric cover.

markilux awning tools.
Use our various markilux awning tools to make the right decision.

Through our years of experience as awning experts, we have developed many useful tools over the years that should make choosing the right awning as easy as possible for you:

  • With the markilux awning comparison you can easily & quickly compare all awning models and find the right one for you.
  • With the markilux awning configurator you individualize the awning, according to your very own wishes and can request it directly from the specialist partner.
  • With the markilux Augmented Reality App you can individualize your desired awning and visualize it live on your house wall using the latest AR technology.
  • With our markilux awning fabric finder you can overview our entire awning fabric range and order fabric samples directly to your home.

about the markilux 620/625

The markilux 620 and markilux 625 models differ only slightly, namely in the size of the cassette and the maximum shading area. The markilux 620 model can also be optionally operated by solar-powered radio-controlled motor up to a size of 250 x 300 cm.

The vertical blinds markilux 620/625 are equipped with a motor as standard. Optionally, a radio-controlled motor is available for operation via remote control, sun, wind and rain sensor or app.

Yes, the markilux 620/625 models are optionally available with radio-controlled motor, so that control via remote control, app or with weather-dependent sensors is possible automatically.

If you choose the markilux 620 model, you can select the markilux sundrive option. In this way, the motor is driven by a solar module.

Whether opaque or translucent, discreetly patterned or brightly colored: In our markilux collection you will find the right awning cover for your very own private sunshine. Transparent awning covers allow a view of the outdoors while at the same time providing protection from outside gazes. Therefore these fabrics are especially suitable for vertical blainds. In our collection one there are some specials which we recommend for vertical blinds: transolair - a sunvas fabric with special hole technology for a pleasant transparency as well as good light and air permeability. vuscreen ALU - a slightly transparent fabric with aluminum particles on the high-tech fabric, which reflects the sun's rays particularly effectively. This creates a pleasant indoor climate.

The markilux 620 model is suitable for areas up to 12 m².

The markilux 625 model is suitable for areas up to 22 m².

The markilux 620 and 625 models can be mounted either on the wall or in a niche. If you are looking for vertical blainds that can be mounted on the ceiling, take a look at the markilux 710 and markilux 730 models. The markilux 776/876 models also offer the option of mounting with spacers.

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